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Millennial women in the 2016 election

Facebook18 Twitter0Total18A new paper by CIRCLE Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg investigates Millennial women’s participation in the 2016 election, their views of democracy, and their own political engagement in the Trump era. It was published as part of a symposium on gender and … Continue reading

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to whom it may concern

Facebook40 Twitter0Total40It has come to my attention that the level of my age Is now set to fifty, with more movement on the gauge. Who authorized this increase? Who consented to the change? The alternative is worse, you say, but … Continue reading

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Simon Denny: turning the NSA into art

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3(Waterville, ME) Last week I saw a display that is exemplary of Simon Denny’s work. Inside a case made of server racks and glass panes are three-dimensional versions of the NSA graphics displayed in the PowerPoint presentations that Edward Snowden … Continue reading

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Civic Deserts and our present crisis

Facebook40 Twitter0Total40My colleagues Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg and Felicia Sullivan have published an article in The Conversation that I believe supports an important diagnosis of the 2016 election and our current crisis. Their article is entitled “Study: 60 percent of rural millennials … Continue reading

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Derek Walcott becomes the volcano

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8(Orlando, FL) I’ve settled on a poem with which to express homage to the late Derek Walcott: his “Volcano” (1976) Joyce was afraid of thunder but lions roared at his funeral from the Zurich zoo. Was it Trieste or … Continue reading

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what makes conversation go well (a network model)

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1I’m looking forward to presenting later today at NULab’s first annual conference, on the theme: “Keeping the Public Sphere Open.” I think of the “public sphere” as all the venues where people come together to share experiences, emotions, and reasons … Continue reading

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new project on the socio-emotional impact of civic engagement

Facebook20 Twitter0Total20(New York City) People can gain satisfaction, empathy, purpose, insight, and a host of other socio-emotional or psycho-social benefits from taking part in civic life. Also, if they demonstrate psychological maturity or even excellence, it can help them to be responsible civic actors. … Continue reading

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how to respond, revisited

Facebook55 Twitter0Total55Right after the election, I posted a flowchart about “how to respond” that was (by my standards) quite widely shared. I hear anecdotally that it is being used by community groups for discussions. Incidentally, the question is open-ended; it … Continue reading

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Talloires Conference: “Social Responsibility and Human Dignity in Higher Education Engagement”

Facebook3 Twitter1Total4The Talloires Network Leaders Conference (TNLC) 2017 convenes 21-24 June 2017 at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico. The conference will explore the theme, “Social Responsibility and Human Dignity in Higher Education Engagement.” Within this overarching theme, the conference … Continue reading

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Trump v the judges: norms breaking down

Facebook29 Twitter0Total29I deeply oppose the Trump travel bans on two main grounds: 1) We should strive to admit refugees from the terrible war zones of the world, and 2) a policy that’s rhetorically linked to anti-Muslim motivations threatens the standing of … Continue reading

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