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the New Institutionalism, deliberative democracy, and the rise of the New Right

Facebook19 Twitter1Total20In public debates about issues and problems, we typically consider institutions in two ways. On the one hand, we discuss their explicit purposes and missions, as reflected in the laws that create and govern them or (if they are … Continue reading

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we are lucky with our right-wing authoritarian

Facebook32 Twitter1Total33(Washington, DC) At today’s Deliberative Democracy Consortium’s Research & Practice Meeting on “Deliberative Democracy and Human Cognition,” Shawn W. Rosenberg made a point that I have often considered but never expressed. Here is the background to the point: A … Continue reading

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how not to talk about The People

Facebook21 Twitter0Total21Maria Bartiromo (Fox News): As the commander-in-chief, as the president of this great country, what can you do to bring us together? Donald Trump: Our people are so incredible. …  Do you know, there’s probably never been a base … Continue reading

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coming soon: Democracy’s Discontent and Civic Learning

Facebook22 Twitter0Total22Now available for pre-ordering is Charles S. White (ed.), Democracy’s Discontent and Civic Learning: Multiple Perspectives. Chapters include: “The Populist Moment,” by William A. Galston. “Populism, Democracy, and the Education of Citizens,” by Thomas S. Vontz and J. Spencer Clark, (with … Continue reading

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Trump at the confluence of populism, chauvinism, and celebrity

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5Donald Trump says many things. Some are innocuous and banal. Quite a few are inconsistent. And some provide evidence that he belongs in these three categories: A “populist” in the particular sense proposed by Jan-Werner Müller. (I also like … Continue reading

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Jan-Werner Müller and Rick Valelly at Tisch College

Facebook4 Twitter0Total4Join Princeton’s Jan-Werner Müller (author, most recently, of What is Populism? which has been translated into more than 20 languages in two years) and Swarthmore’s Rick Valelly (author of The Two Reconstructions: The Struggle for Black Enfranchisement and many other books) for a … Continue reading

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Building Civic Capacity in an Era of Democratic Crisis by Hollie Russon-Gilman and K. Sabeel Rahman

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9About $3 billion was contributed to influence 2016 federal campaigns. In a new paper entitled “Building Civic Capacity in an Era of Democratic Crisis,” Hollie Russon-Gilman and K. Sabeel Rahman suggest a much better way to spend some of that money. I … Continue reading

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Democrats as technocrats

Facebook23 Twitter0Total23This web search takes you to a whole stack of good recent writing about the Democratic Party as the technocratic party, with headlines ranging from Twilight of the Technocrats? to The Triumph of the Technocrats. In lieu of a critical review, I’d … Continue reading

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the New Social Movements of the seventies, eighties, and today

Facebook15 Twitter0Total15(Oxford, OH) By the 1980s, a large literature distinguished the “New Social Movements” from older strands of politics. Jürgen Habermas chose to list the following New Social Movements then active in Germany: “the anti-nuclear and environmental movements,” “the peace movement”; … Continue reading

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three views of the Democratic Party when democracy is at risk

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9View #1: The same two parties have alternated power since 1854 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Today, the most serious threat to small-d democratic norms and institutions comes from the Trump Administration, and the Democratic opposition is an … Continue reading

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