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Associate Dean for Research and the Lincoln Filene Professor of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Tufts University's Tisch College of Civic Life. Concerned about civic education, civic engagement, and democratic reform in the United States and elsewhere.

trying to keep myself honest

Facebook43 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 44(Madrid) This summer–which is not over yet–has already been full of rich and challenging discussions for which I am grateful. In June, I spent several days discussing some lesser-known works of Friedrich Hayek with a group of … Continue reading

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reclaiming our kids’ walk to school

Facebook19 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 20(Madrid) In June, I was with an international group, and we were lamenting that no one from any of our respective countries seems very comfortable allowing their children to walk alone to school. We all walked to … Continue reading

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What is the appropriate role for higher education at a time of social activism?

Facebook12 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 13(Posted in Madrid) In the current issue (and available free online) is my article entitled, “Another Time for Freedom? Lessons from the Civil Rights Era for Today’s Campuses,” Liberal Education, Winter 2019, Vol. 105, No. 1. This is the first … Continue reading

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how to improve the civil society of a school

Facebook87 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 88Students learn to be citizens by joining, forming, leading, and influencing extracurricular groups in their own schools. A school’s whole array of groups is its “civil society.” The number, diversity, reach, purpose, vitality, and interconnection of these … Continue reading

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the ethics of playing hardball with the federal budget

Facebook5 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 6Congress must pass appropriation bills by late September and must raise the debt limit by about Oct. 1 to allow the government to pay its bills. Failure to do either will have substantial economic impact. Neglecting to … Continue reading

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the First Ibero-American Meeting of Civic Studies

Facebook25 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 26This week is the 11th annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies at Tufts’ Tisch College, and we are discussing such topics as identities versus interests and opinions and Gandhi versus Jinnah on means and ends. (The links … Continue reading

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what the student debt proposals convey

Facebook22 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 23Elizabeth Warren proposes to pay off $50,000 of college debt for everyone with household income under $100,000. Bernie Sanders proposes to pay off all $1.5 trillion of today’s student debt. They also offer proposals for making college … Continue reading

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Gandhi versus Jinnah on means and ends

Facebook7 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 8(Posted while leading the 11th annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies, on questions like this one.) A major theme in Gandhi’s thought it the primacy of means over ends. In 1924, some Indian political leaders proposed the … Continue reading

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the metaphor of going into a community

Facebook22 Twitter2 Google+0Total: 24Researchers, students, government officials, organizers, activists–lots of people talk about “going into communities.” Although I resist the rhetorical move of “problematizing” everything, I think this metaphor deserves scrutiny. It assumes that communities are physically located and bounded, … Continue reading

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engaged political science

Facebook62 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 63Today we begin the American Political Science Association’s Institute of Civically Engaged Research (ICER) at Tisch College. The participants are about 20 political scientists–PhD candidates and current professors–who are interested in engaged scholarship. I am leading the … Continue reading

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