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the state versus petit-bourgeois white America

Facebook13 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 13Citizens experience the state in the form of people–teachers, social workers, police officers, nurses and doctors. These may be public employees or just subsidized by public funds, as when doctors get reimbursed by Medicare or professors get … Continue reading

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new CIRCLE report on Millennials’ ideology

Facebook44 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 44CIRCLE has released a new report entitled “Millennials’ Diverse Political Views: A Typology of the Rising Generation.” From the summary: Millennials are already the largest group of potential voters and are destined to dominate American politics in decades to come. … Continue reading

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college student voting rose in 2016

Facebook19 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 19Today, my colleagues at Tisch College’s Institute for Democracy and Higher Education have released their national study of college students’ voting, based on the voting records of 9,784,931 students at 1,023 higher education institutions.  The team finds … Continue reading

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Democrats as technocrats

Facebook23 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 23This web search takes you to a whole stack of good recent writing about the Democratic Party as the technocratic party, with headlines ranging from Twilight of the Technocrats? to The Triumph of the Technocrats. In lieu of a critical … Continue reading

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how political knowledge related to opinions in 2016

Facebook3 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 3Last fall, the American National Election Study asked a representative sample of Americans four factual-knowledge questions about government: which party controlled the House and the Senate, how long a Senator’s term lasts, and which federal program costs the … Continue reading

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the Hollowing Out of US Democracy

Facebook2 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 2In lieu of an original post here today, I’ll link to a new post of mine on The Evidence Base, a group blog from CESR, the Center for Economic and Social Research at University of Southern California. … Continue reading

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White racial resentment and the 2016 election

Facebook10 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 10 Yesterday, I got to hear Michael Tesler present about his forthcoming book with John Sides and Lynn Vavreck: Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America. I don’t want to give away … Continue reading

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the impact of post 9/11 war on our politics

Facebook5 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 5(San Antonio, TX) Any effort to understand the current political situation must take seriously the fact that we have been war since 2001. Although it’s problematic to assess wars as won or lost, that’s a hard framework … Continue reading

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Millennial women in the 2016 election

Facebook18 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 18A new paper by CIRCLE Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg investigates Millennial women’s participation in the 2016 election, their views of democracy, and their own political engagement in the Trump era. It was published as part of a symposium on … Continue reading

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Millennials’ political opinions: insights from the new CIRCLE poll

Facebook22 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 22In November’s election, youth turnout seems to have been roughly on par with recent elections. Young voters preferred Clinton to Trump by 55% to 37%, but a majority of young whites chose Trump. See the full CIRCLE post-election … Continue reading

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