at the American Democracy Project

ADP(Denver) I am here for the Association of American State Colleges and Universities’ annual ADP/TDC National Meeting. “ADP” stands for the American Democracy Project, which is a robust consortium of state colleges and universities committed to their civic mission. “TDC” is The Democracy Commitment, a parallel consortium of community colleges. I have attended this conference before and look forward to meeting many committed educators from colleges and universities. The institutions gathered here serve first-generation college students, part-time students, older students, and people who are paying their way through school. The colleges and universities are deeply rooted in their geographical communities, drawing their students, faculty, and staff locally. Because of the strength of the ADP and TDC as networks and the demographics of the students they engage, the annual conference has also become an important gathering place for people concerned with civic renewal who don’t happen to work in state colleges and universities. I’ll be giving the morning plenary talk today and participating in many sessions and events. The Twitter hashtag is #ADPTDC13.

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