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civic life and health research

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9This is an online lecture (video, slides, and discussion questions) entitled “Civic Life and Health Research.” It’s offered by, and thanks to, the Tufts Clinical Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI), where I hold a research professorship. Dr. Thomas Concannon introduces the CTSI … Continue reading

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college curricula for civic learning and engagement

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12I’d welcome recommendations of particularly promising undergraduate courses or programs that are intended to boost students’ civic knowledge, skills, and engagement. I’m especially interested in two approaches: 1) requiring a specific course with a civic focus for all students at a given institution, or 2) offering a … Continue reading

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psychoanalyzing presidents

Facebook7 Twitter0Total7There’s lots of conversation right now about Donald Trump’s mental condition. It includes claims that he demonstrates narcissistic personality disorder and that changes in his speech patterns reveal cognitive decline. I [analyzed] his speech pattern from a particular angle here. … Continue reading

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social movements depend on social capital (but you can make your own)

Facebook22 Twitter0Total22The Montgomery Bus Boycott was the glorious chapter in the American Civil Rights Movement that began when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the segregated bus. This story is usually misrepresented in ways that hide Parks’ … Continue reading

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youth don’t always tilt left

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8(Washington, DC) In the US since 2004, young voters have tilted moderately leftward. They gave very strong support to Barack Obama, especially in 2008. And in Britain right now, only voters under-25 favor Labour: But young people are not consistently liberal … Continue reading

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is everyone religious?

Facebook4 Twitter0Total4In the perennial debate about the place of religion in politics and public life, one available stance is: “Everyone is religious.” This position has weaknesses, which I will mention below, but here are three points in its favor: Ethical people hold … Continue reading

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the Hollowing Out of US Democracy

Facebook2 Twitter0Total2In lieu of an original post here today, I’ll link to a new post of mine on The Evidence Base, a group blog from CESR, the Center for Economic and Social Research at University of Southern California.  I argue … Continue reading

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mini-conference on Facts, Values, and Strategies

Facebook27 Twitter0Total27We are about to begin discussions of the papers listed below, in draft form. They are destined for The Good Society journal. The conversations are at the Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts For me, the underlying rationale … Continue reading

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American tapestry

Facebook10 Twitter0Total106:10 am, Monday, Boston, MA: My taxi driver is a retired guy from the South Shore. His son is a Ranger, active duty. The son curls up on the floor now when fireworks go off: PTSD. He is friends … Continue reading

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what does it mean to attribute narcissistic personality disorder to a person?

Facebook6 Twitter0Total6(St Louis, MO) We have two rival languages for analyzing personality: the medical and the moral. They are largely incommensurable, yet cases force us to choose between them. For instance, psychiatrists and pundits are currently debating whether to diagnose Donald … Continue reading

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