connoisseur of spam

CIRCLE’s website is not a blog, but it uses blogging software (WordPress) and accepts comments. “Comment spam” means inappropriate and irrelevant comments, usually with embedded advertisements for other people’s sites or products. WordPress automatically blocks most comment spam, but every day, at least a half dozen spam comments reach the queue and I have to block them by hand. Often, they make generically flattering remarks to encourage us to allow them to stay. I actually appreciate some of the creative efforts. E.g.:

“Your web-site has 100 % exceeded my expectations. From when I begun reading through your webpage I have acquired completely new facts and had old information reinforced. Let me recommend many folks i know.”

From Travel Deals: “Hi I like this article and it is so informational and I am definetly going to save it. One thing to say the Indepth analysis you have done is trully remarkable.No one goes that extra mile these days? Well Done! Just one more suggestion you can install a Translator for your Global Readers !!!”

“Thanks a lot for sharing. Your article is truly relevant to my study at this moment, and I am really happy I discovered your website. However, I would like to see more details about this topic. I’m going to keep coming back here.”

A website that provides football statistics comments on our research about the civic opportunity gap in high school: “This seems rather unsurprising – there is an obvious link between $ and education.” (Link to the NFL stats provided.)

Commenting on a youth turnout rate of 52% in 2008: “How true. Wish things could be better.”

“This post includes all information that I have always required.”

(You can’t do much better than that.)