media literacy and youth

Austin, TX: I am here for a Millennials and News Summit at the University of Texas, subtitled, “The Real Challenge to the Future of Journalism and Journalism Education.” Meanwhile, back in DC, Temple University’s Renee Hobbs released her Knight Commission White Paper on Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action at an Aspen Institute event, to comments from FCC Commissioner Michael Hobbs, the head of the American Library Association, and many other luminaries. In her paper, Hobbs summarizes the challenges of using the modern media responsibly–and creatively–and she develops some specific proposals, such as “a national network of summer learning programs to integrate digital and media literacy into public charter schools,” and a “Digital and Media Literacy (DML) Youth Corps to bring digital and media literacy to underserved communities and special populations via public libraries, museums and other community centers.” The whole paper is an excellent primer to the subject we will be discussing in Austin today.