express your views on transparency in the federal government

The White House has created a platform for public discussion of “how to make our government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative.” The process is in its first stage, “brainstorming,” and you are invited to participate here.

I have posted my own idea about engaging young Americans and an idea about “public work.” I would certainly welcome anyone to click through to my ideas, comment on them, and consider voting for them. [Added later: a mini-idea about deliberations on public holidays.]

Meanwhile, AmericaSpeaks, Everyday Democracy, and Demos have been organizing discussions of the same topic involving (among others) senior civil servants. AmericaSpeaks has posted their seven top ideas on the White House site and is encouraging visitors to support those proposals and to comment on them. Entering through the AmericaSpeaks page guides you to those strong proposals. (For full disclosure: I serve on the boards of AmericaSpeaks and Everyday Democracy.)