we pledge allegiance to the flags

Some people are angry about the display of Mexican flags at rallies for immigrant rights. “This isn’t Mexico,” said Joseph Turner, founder of Save Our State. “This is America …. What [annoys me] most is the arrogance that they are going to fly a foreign flag on my soil.” But nothing could be more American. Within five minutes of searching Google images, I found the green, white, and orange tricolor flag of the Irish Republic at the head of St. Patrick’s Day parades in Cape Cod and Staten Island, New York; the tricolore italiano waving at a New York City Columbus Day Parade; a profusion of Greek flags on Fifth Avenue during the National Greek Parade; and rival Israeli and Palestinian flags at an Israeli Independence Day rally at Stanford. Usually, the Stars and Stripes is carried next to foreign flags at ethnic pride parades; that was also the case at the recent immigration rallies.

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