Suzanne Morse

Suzanne Morse has launched a blog. She’s just getting started, but this is a significant development, since Suzanne, President of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, plays an important role in our increasingly coherent and robust movement for civic renewal. The movement, as I see it, encompasses all efforts to enhance the capacity of citizens to address common problems–including civic education, national and community service, community planning and asset-mapping, public deliberation, civic journalism, and new collaborative uses of the Internet. Suzanne has been deeply involved in many of these fields. I’ve been learning from her since I was a sophomore in college–or, as she says, since before my hair turned gray.

Suzanne’s blog mostly reports news from the civic renewal field. It joins a set of “newsy” sites on related topics, all structured as blogs. See, for example, the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools Community Exchange, the Public Journalism Network, and the National Council for Dialogue and Deliberation’s Thataway Forum. It occurs to me that a page (possibly the one you are looking at) could present the latest entries from all these blogs via RSS feed and thereby indicate what’s going on, day-by-day, in the movement. Can anyone recommend software that places RSS feeds on a blog page?

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  1. Peter Levine

    Thank you very much. This looks great–and easy to use. I may delay for a while, since I know that several “civic news” blogs of various types are being planned. Plus, I see that Suzanne’s site doesn’t (yet) provide an RSS feed. But this is the way of the future.

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