to Penn State

I’m on my way to Penn State University this morning for a “National Public Scholarship Conversation.” We’ll be talking about ways to conduct what Harry Boyte would call “public work” in a land-grant, state university. When scholars do public work they somehow collaborate with fellow citizens to generate ideas and information of public value. We’ll also consider “the university’s role in the development of democratic principle and practice” among students. I know and admire many of the participants, and the moderator will be NPR’s David Brancaccio. So this should be fun.

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  1. Rosa

    I’ll be interested to read your reflections on the National Public Scholarship Conversation, Peter. It’s interesting to think of what components of what we talked about today mark us as part of a social movement. Brain is discourse-tired. Thanks again for coming to Happy Valley to share your wits and wisdoms with us. Thanks also for the geneology of the incorrect AP figures. Can’t wait to find the reporter’s name….

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