social class and tolerance for gays


was wondering whether people who are more educated and wealthier are more tolerant

of homosexuality. According to the General Social Survey, the answer is yes.

I guess this result is intuitive, but I always like to check.

Education and income each correlate with tolerance. I don’t have the time right

now to figure out whether the real driver is education (which may increase both

income and tolerance). There could be a third factor underlying the relationship,

such as urbanicity, age, religious denomination, or region. But just to dramatize

the basic situation, here is a graph that contrasts upper-middle-class people

who have college degrees (in blue) and lower-income people with no more than

high school (in red). The difference in attitudes toward gays is pretty stark.

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  1. Juanp says:

    Yes those poor uneducated slobs are such a trial, let’s send them all to Iraq already.

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