explaining politics to the very young

We’ve got kids (one 4 and one 14), and sometimes it’s hard to explain the primary campaign to them. I’ve come up with the following key, which may come in handy for others who face the same predicament:

John Kerry = Pooh

Dick Gephardt = Rabbit

Al Sharpton = Gopher

Howard Dean = Tigger

Wesley Clark = Owl

John Edwards = Piglet

Joe Lieberman = Eeyore

Carol Mosely Braun = Kanga

Dennis Kucinich = Little Roo

George W. Bush = A Heffalump

Dick Cheney = A Woozle

Christopher Robin = The American People

4 thoughts on “explaining politics to the very young

  1. Eli

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve never read the original Winnie the Pooh stories … only the Disneyfied ones.

    I’m now inspired … thank you …

  2. Paul

    “explaining politics to the very young”

    Explaining? I think they are smarter for what we give them credit for. From the mouths of babes the truth shall speak.

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