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illumination from the charter debate

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(On the train to Worcester, MA) I am going to Clark University to join Jeffrey Henig on a panel about his new book, Spin Cycle: How Research is Used in Policy Debates: The Case of Charter Schools. I found … Continue reading

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Michael Chabon on Peace Now

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I loved Michael Chabon’s Yiddish Policeman’s Union and took it as an exploration of rosy nostalgia and distopian fantasy as two poles of modern Jewish thought. Then into my mailbox comes a letter from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon … Continue reading

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my favorite article on the 2008 campaign

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0That would be Mark Danner’s “Obama & Sweet Potato Pie” in the New York Review of Books. Danner describes two rallies, one for Obama and one for McCain. As he notes, the national press corps follows the candidates, listens … Continue reading

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first steps with a Boston-area social network

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We have a fairly large grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service to build a new kind of social network for college students in the Boston area, to support their community research, volunteering, recruitment, and advocacy. At … Continue reading

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rules for organizers

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(On the USAir Shuttle back to Boston) 10. Never provoke conflict to prove one’s strength or importance or to guard one’s turf. 9. Hold no grudges. 8. Never resent or complain about not being invited to a meeting, but … Continue reading

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the core principle of a presidential administration

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(On the USAir Shuttle to DC) I think the most important question about presidential candidates is not what kind of people they seem to be or what they promise to do if elected, but rather how they view the … Continue reading

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youth turnout estimates

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0It is proving unusually hard to tell how many Americans actually voted this year. The current count of votes is about 120 million, but there are clearly absentee and early ballots that remain to be counted. Estimates of how … Continue reading

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social media on election day

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Stay tuned for CIRCLE’s press releases regarding youth turnout–this evening and then early tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, to get a polling location for yourself or someone else, text *pp* (polling place) and then the street address and zip to 69866. … Continue reading

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an unprecedented age gap

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In elections since 1976,* young people (ages 18-29) have voted slightly more Democratic than the population as a whole. The average difference between the preference of under-30s and the national popular vote has been a mere 1.8 points. In … Continue reading

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