courses that count for the Civic Studies major in spring 2019

More on the Civic Studies major at Tufts is here.

Required Introductory Course:

  • CVS 0020/PHIL 0020/PS 0020: Introduction to Civic Studies (Erin Kelly, Peter Levine) 

Thinking about Justice:

  • ANTH 140: Food Justice: Fair Food Activism and Social Movements (Alex Blanchette)
  • CVS 190/PHIL 192: Seminar: Political Philosophy of MLK, Jr
  • ECON 62: Economics of International Migration (Anna Hardman)
  • ENG 160 : Environmental Justice and World Literature (Ammons)
  • HIST 10: Colonialism in Global Perspective (Kris Manjapra)
  • MUSIC 132: Music and Ethics (Melinda Latour)
  • PHIL 195: Contemporary Political Philosophy (Lionel McPherson)
  • PHIL 25: Food Ethics (Sigrun Svavarsdottir)
  • PHIL 28: Feminist Philosophy (staff)
  • PS 151: Seminar: The Political Philosophy of Hobbes (Ioannis Evrigenis)
  • REL 08: Law, Religion and International Relations (Joseph Walser)
  • SOC 103-01: Sociological Theory (Freeden Blume Oeur)
  • SOC 94: Health, Policy, and Inequality (Brett Nava-Coulter) 

Social Conflict, Inequality, and Violence:

  • CH 0188: Health and Human Rights (Fernando Ona)
  • HIST 173: Black and Native New England (Kendra Field and Kerri Greenidge)
  • PS 108: Public Opinion and U.S. Democracy (Brian Schaffner)
  • PS 138: Democracy and Its Alternatives (David Art)
  • PSY 13: Social Psychology (Keith Maddox)
  • SOC 113: Urban Sociology: Global Perspectives on Space, Inequality and Resistance (Anjuli Fahlberg)
  • SOC 120 Sociology of War and Peace (Paul Joseph)
  • SOC 181 Seminar: War/Peace/State/Society (Paul Joseph)
  • SOC 188 Seminar: Intimate Violence (Anjuli Fahlberg) 

Civic Action and Social Movements:

  • CSHD 0034: Children, Nature, & the Ecology Movement (George Scarlett)
  • EC 117: Economics of Social Interactions and Social Networks (Yannis M. Ioannides)
  • FMS 22: Media Literacy (Julie Dobrow)
  • MUS 197: Social Justice, Advocacy and Music (Jeffrey A. Summit)
  • PS 108: Public Opinion and U.S. Democracy (Brian Schaffner)
  • PS 113: Nonprofits and Civil Society (Jeffrey Berry)
  • PS 118-02: Organizing for Social Change (Daniel LeBlanc & Ken Galdston)
  • PS 188-05: The Howard School of International Affairs (Pearl Robinson)
  • SOC 106: Political Sociology (Anjuli Fahlberg)
  • SOC 111: Making Social Change Happen (Margaret McGladrey)
  • SOC 113: Urban Sociology: Global Perspectives on Space, Inequality and Resistance (Anjuli Fahlberg)
  • UEP 278: Environmental Justice, Security, and Sustainability (Penn Loh)

Civic Skills:

  • ANTH 133: Anthropology of Journalism (Amahl Bishara)
  • CH 0188: Health and Human Rights (Fernando Ona)
  • CHEM 0094: Science and the Human Experience (Jonathan Garlick)
  • CSHD 004: Topics in Child Development: Identity, Community, and Voice (Jayanthi Mistry)
  • ED15: Social-Emotional & Civic Learning in Schools (Deborah Donahue-Keegan)
  • EE194 / ELS 109: Creating Children’s Media (Julie Dobrow)
  • ELS 109: Societal Aspects of Design: Integration, Innovation, and Impact (Ron Lasser)
  • ENG 311: Tufts 1+4 Foundation: Communicating for Change (Grace Talusan)
  • ENV 120: Introduction to Environmental Fieldwork (John de la Parra)
  • ENV 150: Environment, Communication, and Culture (Ninian Stein)
  • ENV 152: Seminar in Environmental Negotiations (Ninian Stein)
  • ExCollege: The President Has Tweeted: Official Government Communications in the Age of Trump (Nanda Chitre)
  • PHIL 24: Introduction to Ethics (Monica Link)
  • PS: Massachusetts State House Internships – Learning While Doing (State Sen. Ben Downing)
  • TBD: Project Citizen: Promoting Civic Engagement (Sherri Sklarwitz)
  • UEP 293-02: Community Practice Theory and Methods (Penn Loh)
  • UEP 294-02: Communications and Media for Policy and Planning (Penn Loh)
  • UEP 294: Teaching Democracy (Penn Loh)
  • WGSS 0185/AMER 0094: Mass Incarceration and the Literature of Confinement (Hilary Binda) 

Internship Seminar:

  • CVS 099: A required internship. This includes a weekly 2.5 hour class with graded assignments and a final project.

Capstone Seminar:

  • CVS 190/PHIL 192: Seminar: Political Philosophy of MLK, Jr.
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