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lowering the voting age to 17

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9(New York City) One of the recommendations of our major recent report, “All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement,” is to experiment with lowering the voting age to 17 in local and state elections. Voting for the … Continue reading

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the aspiration curve from youth to old age

Facebook58 Twitter0Total58This is a interesting pair of graphs produced by an economist named Hannes Schwandt. Graph A shows people’s reported life satisfaction at each age (the square dots) and their expectations for how satisfied they will be five years later … Continue reading

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The Center for Public Integrity

Facebook6 Twitter0Total6(St Louis) The traditional model of paying reporters by selling subscriptions and advertisements is broken. John W. Henry paid $70 million for the Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, less than the $110 million he pays Justin … Continue reading

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putting action in the state standards

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10I am in St. Louis for the big annual gathering of social studies teachers, the National Council for the Social Studies conference. Last fall, the NCSS released a new voluntary framework for state standards entitled College, Career, and Civic … Continue reading

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the new information technologies empower whom?

Facebook13 Twitter0Total13(Frederick, MD) Within the past week, I have read two good manuscript chapters about the Dreamers and how they have used social media to change the public debate about naturalization and citizenship rights–even though they are young, not rich, … Continue reading

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who is oppressed? a question for researchers

Facebook29 Twitter0Total29Let’s say you want to conduct research in a way that is “anti-oppressive.” Certain techniques and emphases will seem valuable. But a preliminary question arises: Who is oppressed? And that raises the deeper question: What is oppression? In an … Continue reading

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upcoming public talks

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9 11/20, 4pm, Hood College in Frederick, MD: book talk on We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For 11/21, 9:30-10:45 am, Washington, DC: panel at the National Communication Association Conference on “Rethinking Foundations of Youth Engagement: Challenges … Continue reading

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what are the humanities? (basic points for non-humanists)

Facebook21 Twitter0Total21(Indianapolis) I am here for a meeting about the public purposes and social impact of the humanities. All the participants will be sophisticated about the humanities as practiced inside and beyond universities. But often I participate in conversations about … Continue reading

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Civic Studies mini-conference

Facebook20 Twitter0Total20Soon after the volume entitled Civic Studies is published, a daylong discussion of the same topic will take place at the Southern Political Science Association meeting (January 10 in New Orleans). As Karol Soltan and I write in the … Continue reading

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radio interviews talking about my book

Facebook6 Twitter0Total6Here are six radio or podcast discussions on my book, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. Most are call-in shows: This is the audio of me and John Dankosky talking about my book on “Where We … Continue reading

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