Frontiers of Democracy and summer institutes: coming up

The more-or-less final agenda for Frontiers of Democracy 2019 is up. We are oversold. If you want to attend and don’t have a ticket, you can email me to get on the waiting list. The talks on June 20 will be video-recorded and archived later (but not live-streamed.)

Before Frontiers and feeding into it are three other meetings:

And following the Frontiers conference will be the 11th annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies, for about 20 selected professors, graduate students, and activists from Argentina, China, Iran, Mexico, Spain, and the USA.

Participants in these groups, plus about 16 alumni of past Summer Institutes, plus another 50 people who simply signed up to attend will all convene at Frontiers.

Since I am in charge of ICER, Frontiers, and the Summer Institute, blogging has been light for the past week or so, and the forecast is for continued sporadic posting here–although I traditionally blog about some of the themes that arise.

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