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The annual Frontiers of Democracy conference will take place on June 23-25, 2016 at Tufts University’s downtown Boston campusPlease use this form to register and hold a place.

We will hear brief, inspiring “short take” talks from speakers who will include:

  • Danielle Allen, Harvard University, author of Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality (2014)
  • Laura Grattan, Wellesley College, author of Populism’s Power: Radical Grassroots Democracy in America (2016)
  • Joseph Hoereth, Director of the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Hélène Landemore, Yale University, author of Democratic Reason: Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many (2012)
  • Frances Moore Lappé, Small Planet Institute and author of 18 books including Democracy’s Edge: Choosing to Save Our Country by Bringing Democracy to Life,
  • Talmon J. Smith, Tufts ’16, a Huffington Post columnist on political reform
  • Victor Yang, an organizer for the SEIU
  • A panel on civic tech with Nigel Jacob (City of Boston), Jesse Littlewood (Common Cause), and Chris Wells (University of Wisconsin)

Most of the time will be spent on 90-minute, interactive sessions called “learning exchanges.” We still welcome proposals for learning exchanges. Please use this form to submit ideas.

Examples of currently approved learning exchanges include: “Unlocking the Potential of Student Voices,” with Frank LoMonte, director of the Student Press Law Center; “From Voice to Influence (Technology as Civic Practice)” with Chaebong Nam and Danielle Allen; “Growing Your Grassroots Efforts” with’s Jacel Egan and Alex Shreiner; “Social Media Legitimacy: From Policy to Neighborhood Action” with James Toscano of Dots Matter and Joseph Porcelli of; and “On Building a Living Democracy Movement” with Frances Moore Lappé.

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