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Here are six radio or podcast discussions on my book, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. Most are call-in shows:

  • This is the audio of me and John Dankosky talking about my book on “Where We Live” (WNPR-Connecticut) on Oct. 25. As a bonus: at min. 26:40, hear Ralph Nader call in and say that everyone should read it.
  • On Nov. 12, I spent 30 minutes on “Topical Currents” with Joseph Cooper, Bonnie Berman and Paul Leary on WLRN in Miami. We discussed why Miami ranks so low on civic engagement. A caller advocated for mandatory voting. My favorite part was when they played Sweet Honey in the Rock’s version of “We Are the Ones ….” They asked, “Professor, was that the inspiration for your book?” Yes, indeed.
  • Here is the audio of my hour-long conversation on Nov. 5 with Kathleen Dunn on Wisconsin Public Radio. This one got quite a few callers, but I thought the conversation got a little vague–my fault. One interesting question was about polarization, and the premise was that liberals are mainly responsible because they all rally around “their” president.
  • This is the audio of my conversation with John Gambling, a self-described moderate conservative radio host on WOR in New York City. His main topic was civic education, but he also asked about my book. He seemed to like the idea that civil discourse is an important aspect of civics in schools–he aims for civility on his radio show.
  • This is an audio podcast of me talking with Frank LoMonte, Executive Director of The Student Press Law Center. He asked me about my book while interviewing me about free speech in schools.
  • Jack Russell Weinstein interviews philosophers for Prairie Public Radio. Here I am on his show “Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life”–again, talking about the book. This is the most reflective conversation, and we talked about the flawed constitutional structure of the US as well as ordinary civic engagement. Jack told an interesting story about opposing a local development project that the city’s leaders favored–and they were right. That was an opportunity to discuss the value of expertise and also the need to update our methods for discussing issues with political leaders.

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