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where to focus your political energies

Facebook225 Twitter1Total226Everyone should read Politics Is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change by my friend and colleague Eitan Hersh. It is a gentle and disarming critique of how many of us spend … Continue reading

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what kind of a good is education?

Facebook19 Twitter1Total20In Making Up Our Mind: What School Choice is Really About (University of Chicago Press, 2019), Sigal R. Ben-Porath and Michael C. Johanek write that education is a private good, a public good, and a positional good. These concepts are … Continue reading

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Martin Luther and Martin Luther King

Facebook8 Twitter1Total9In my course on the thought of Martin Luther King, as we explore various influences on MLK, we are spending some time on the influence of Protestant theology, and specifically, the debates within American Lutheranism that King encountered when … Continue reading

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new CIRCLE poll of Iowa youth

Facebook27 Twitter1Total28Here is one finding from CIRCLE’s survey of young Iowans, released today. The differences between younger and older Iowa Democrats on Sanders v. Biden are pretty striking. Although people always overestimate their chances of participating in future elections, 35% … Continue reading

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Ivo Andric, Bosnian Chronicle, Or, The Days of the Consuls

Facebook2 Twitter1Total3Ivo Andric,* the 1961 Nobel Laureate in Literature, wrote the book variously translated as Bosnian Chronicle or The Days of the Consuls during WWII. It depicts his hometown, Travnik in Bosnia, during the years 1807-1813. I read it as … Continue reading

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du Bois: “Organization is sacrifice.”

Facebook19 Twitter1Total20A group can accomplish more than an individual can—whether for good or evil—as long as it holds together. To form and maintain a functioning group is an achievement, requiring individuals to coordinate their behaviors and often to sacrifice for … Continue reading

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some thoughts on natural law

Facebook12 Twitter2Total14 Those RULES of old discover’d, not devis’d,Are Nature still, but Nature methodis’d;Nature, like liberty, is but restrain’dBy the same laws which first herself ordain’d. – Pope, An Essay on Criticism (writing here of aesthetic laws) … the Laws … Continue reading

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Apply for the Summer Institute of Civic Studies

Facebook95 Twitter2Total97The Summer Institute of Civic Studies is an intensive interdisciplinary seminar that brings together faculty, advanced graduate students, and practitioners from many countries and diverse fields of study. In 2020 it will take place from the evening of June 18 until June 26 at … Continue reading

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empathy boosts polarization

Facebook57 Twitter1Total58In a new article,* Elizabeth Simas, Scott Clifford, and Justin Kirkland provide evidence that empathy is not a solution to partisan polarization in the US. Quite the contrary: people who demonstrate more “empathic concern” are more likely to blame … Continue reading

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syllabus of a public policy course

Facebook72 Twitter2Total74I’m teaching Public Policy Analysis to undergraduate this spring–a new course. I’ve pasted the working syllabus (minus the grading rubric, rules about technology, and other practicalities) below. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. I don’t think this design … Continue reading

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