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what is Civic Science?

Facebook57 Twitter3 Google+0Total: 60At Tisch College, we have a Civic Science initiative, which has roots in an NSF-funded effort under the same name. Here is my own personal working definition of “Civic Science.” The word “science” in this phrase is … Continue reading

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when the lotus bloomed

Facebook26 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 27I was so distracted, tense, and busy That I missed the lotus bloom. Though preoccupied and hasty I sensed something in the room— Caught that subtle scent of longing, That mute yearning to be still— But I … Continue reading

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youth turnout rose more than others’ turnout in 2018

Facebook34 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 35(UCLA) On Feb. 11, Martin Wattenberg posted a Washington Post Monkey Cage article that received the headline, “In 2018, the turnout gap between young and old people didn’t really shrink at all.” He wrote, The Center for … Continue reading

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the Parkland movement and the 2018 youth vote

Facebook14 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 15According to my colleagues at CIRCLE (based on their own original survey), Almost two-thirds (64%) of youth said they had paid ‘some’ or ‘a lot’ of attention to news about the Parkland shooting. Young people who said … Continue reading

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Habermas, illustrated

Facebook13 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 14I’ve categorized a bunch of recent tweets by putting them in Jürgen Habermas’ three buckets: In the first column, the tweets are literally legible–I can read them–but I don’t know much about their significance. That is because they … Continue reading

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podcast interview with Mark Bauerlein

Facebook12 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 12 Mark Bauerlein of Emory University interviewed me for First Things, and this is the result. We ranged from youth voter turnout to civic education, from Jane Addams and Emerson to Seamus Heaney. I enjoyed it and … Continue reading

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avoiding a sharp distinction between the state and the private sphere

Facebook16 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 17Several political theories and ideologies are invested in distinguishing the state from the private sector (which may encompass the market, families and civil society): For libertarians, the state bears the badge of original sin because it alone … Continue reading

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on playing hardball with the shutdown

Facebook3 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 4On the one hand … The recent shutdown and the threat of a second one result from the Democrats’ choices as well as Donald Trump’s. Nancy Pelosi could reflect that she previously supported legislation that expanded walls … Continue reading

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integrating the northeast’s transit systems

Facebook10 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 11I’m on Amtrak, en route from Boston to New Haven. I’ve also been in Newark, Delaware, the Philadelphia airport, and other points along the Northeast Corridor this week. This means navigating portions of a fragmented public transportation … Continue reading

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British exceptionalism 2: the unique nature of the aristocracy

Facebook3 Twitter1 Google+0Total: 4(Newark, DE) In 2010, I wrote a post entitled “British exceptionalism: how the UK is different from Europe.” It still draws traffic these days, probably because people want to understand Brexit and the roots of anti-“European” sentiment … Continue reading

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