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engaging citizens in cities

Facebook16 Twitter0Total16(Los Angeles) At CityLab 2014, I’m on a panel called “Beyond the Buzz: What Citizen Engagement Strategies are Really Working.” I think mayors and the people who work for them tend to think of engaged citizens as potential suppliers … Continue reading

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assessing the sharing economy

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12(Los Angeles) I’m here for CityLab 2014 (which is being live-streamed): Hosted by The Atlantic in partnership with The Aspen Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies, CityLabis one of our most innovative programs of the year, bringing together 300+ of the … Continue reading

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two reviews of We are the Ones

Facebook16 Twitter0Total16(Salt Lake City) Ego-surfing in the airport, I came across two reviews of We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For in Goodreads. Both reviewers (who happen to be friends of mine) end on the same note. Russell … Continue reading

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at BYU

Facebook17 Twitter0Total17(Provo, UT) I am at Brigham Young University to speak in three classes and to meet with faculty, all under the aegis of the university’s Office of Civic Engagement and its minor in Civic Engagement Leadership. I’m certainly an … Continue reading

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the Supreme Court reflects the “degeneracy of the times”

Facebook11 Twitter0Total11In 1870, Linus Child of Boston, MA hired an attorney to lobby Congress for personal financial relief and promised to pay the attorney one quarter of the value of the award if it came to pass. The attorney was successful, but … Continue reading

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the Left between Obama and Hillary Clinton

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5Let’s define “the Left” as thinkers and organizational leaders who are open to voting for Democratic candidates but generally critical of the party, holding more radical policy objectives than elected Democrats do. The Left has had plenty of reason … Continue reading

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California is using the C3 Social Studies Framework

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 897 into law.  The bill requires the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC), “upon the next revision of the history-social science framework and the state content standards, to consider whether and how to incorporate the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) … Continue reading

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Text, Talk, and Act

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1Text, Talk, Act is a valuable innovation that has come out of the National Dialogue on Mental Health. It uses text messaging to spark small-group discussions in many places at once, and the participants share their ideas back. There … Continue reading

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the case for standardized civics tests

Facebook11 Twitter0Total11If you want to strengthen democracy and civil society by educating the next generation for citizenship, should you require a civics test? As our interactive map shows, eight states have done so. (Florida’s test came online after the map was … Continue reading

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outline of a philosophy

Facebook14 Twitter0Total14At any given moment, an individual holds a very large number of beliefs relevant to moral evaluation and judgment. Some of these beliefs are connected to other ones, producing a network. Not all the connections are strict logical entailments; … Continue reading

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