bloggers of Maryland


far as I can tell, there are only two other full-fledged faculty bloggers at the

University of Maryland. However, maybe others will come forward, since a Google

search for "University Maryland faculty blog" should now turn up my

site. The others are:

  • Matthew

    G. Kirschenbaum’s blog, which comes from an English professor whose dissertation

    (in 1999) was one of the first in any English department to be completely electronic.

    He "specializes in digital studies, applied humanities computing, visual

    culture, and postmodern literature." His blog is a sophisticated source of

    news and ideas at the intersection of aesthetics, cultural studies, and digital


  • Walter

    Hutchens’ blog, the work of a Business School professor who specializes in

    Chinese security markets and related laws (a huge issue, once you think about

    it). His blog was blocked in China when he hosted it at, so he moved

    it to the University’s server.