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forecasting the UK parliamentary elections

Facebook4 Twitter1Total5The celestial bodies have aligned to put British politics in that rare situation: a first-past-the-post electoral system with multiple viable parties. Usually, when a legislature consists of the top vote-getters in all the districts, it evolves (or degenerates?) into … Continue reading

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the oscillation between dictatorship and parliamentary institutions (a game theory model)

Facebook5 Twitter1Total7Abstract: Sometimes despots have incentives to convene representative bodies that govern with them. And sometimes the leaders of republics have incentives to rule unilaterally. Changes in the incentives explain the oscillation between authoritarianism and republicanism. Today’s incentives are pushing … Continue reading

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less than a penny a year for grassroots civic organizing

Facebook18 Twitter1Total19(DC) The Foundation Center’s database and analytic website entitled Foundation Funding for US Democracy is full of interesting information and worth detailed exploration. Drawing on tax forms, the site categorizes $5.5 billion in grants made to strengthen democracy in … Continue reading

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new opening: Service Year Program Administrator at Tisch College

Facebook15 Twitter1Total16This is a one-year limited-term position. There are currently about 67,000 annual positions for young Americans who choose to conduct service for a whole year. These positions are supported by national programs like AmeriCorps (such as Teach for America, … Continue reading

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opportunities in Civic Science

Facebook39 Twitter1Total40At Tisch College, we are working with many colleagues and peers to help build a field that we call Civic Science. Key players here are our senior fellow for Civic Science, Jonathan Garlick, and our postdoctoral fellow in Civic … Continue reading

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memory politics

Facebook12 Twitter1Total13I’ve been in Madrid, Munich, and Berlin for a few days of vacation with family, plus the meetings with scholars from Spanish-speaking countries and scholars and activists from the former Soviet bloc that are described in “Civic Studies Goes … Continue reading

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trying to keep myself honest

Facebook43 Twitter1Total44(Madrid) This summer–which is not over yet–has already been full of rich and challenging discussions for which I am grateful. In June, I spent several days discussing some lesser-known works of Friedrich Hayek with a group of mostly classical … Continue reading

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reclaiming our kids’ walk to school

Facebook19 Twitter1Total20(Madrid) In June, I was with an international group, and we were lamenting that no one from any of our respective countries seems very comfortable allowing their children to walk alone to school. We all walked to school when … Continue reading

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What is the appropriate role for higher education at a time of social activism?

Facebook12 Twitter1Total13(Posted in Madrid) In the current issue (and available free online) is my article entitled, “Another Time for Freedom? Lessons from the Civil Rights Era for Today’s Campuses,” Liberal Education, Winter 2019, Vol. 105, No. 1. This is the first of several … Continue reading

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how to improve the civil society of a school

Facebook87 Twitter1Total88Students learn to be citizens by joining, forming, leading, and influencing extracurricular groups in their own schools. A school’s whole array of groups is its “civil society.” The number, diversity, reach, purpose, vitality, and interconnection of these groups is … Continue reading

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