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More Temperate

Facebook20 Twitter1Total21Most trees have leafed out for two or three days.Each leaf unfolding in place to fill its space, green;But the trees that flowered are wilting now,Bold blooms shrinking to leave more space between,Dwindling to stipples along each bough.Superimposed: a … Continue reading

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considering censure

Facebook5 Twitter1Total6The question of the moment should not be what decision to reach in re Donald Trump. Justice is always best served by a process that generates evidence and permits a defense before any decision is reached. A process conducted … Continue reading

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Volodymyr Zelensky, servant of the people?

Facebook17 Twitter1Total18I’m very curious what my politically diverse but well-informed Ukrainian friends think about their presidential election. It’s mostly framed in the West as: “comedian with no political experience is elected president.” That is a little misleading: it suggests a … Continue reading

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civility, humility, tolerance, empathy, or what?

Facebook24 Twitter1Total25It sounds like a parody of a professor’s life, but I have actually attended conferences since 2016 on the themes of: 1) empathy and compassion, 2) civility, 3) responsiveness, and 4) tolerance. I missed an excellent-looking meeting on 5) … Continue reading

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what constitutes coordination?

Facebook14 Twitter2Total16 [W]e addressed the factual question whether members of the Trump Campaign “coordinat[ed]”-a term that appears in the appointment order-with Russian election interference activities. Like collusion, “coordination” does not have a settled definition in federal criminal law. We understood … Continue reading

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North Eastern Public Humanities Conference, April 26-7

Facebook10 Twitter4Total14Register here. Some events have limited space. Friday, April 26: UMass Boston Campus Center, Alumni Lounge (all day) Friday, April 26: UMass Boston Campus Center, Alumni Lounge (all day) 9:00-9:30 Welcome, Coffee, Introductions 9:30-12:00 Pre-texts Workshop: Doris Sommer (Harvard) … Continue reading

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how much of a theory of justice do activists need? (a dialogue)

Facebook24 Twitter1Total26Some students are on their way to occupy their university’s central administration building to demand a minimum wage of $17 for all employees. They are surprised to encounter the ghost of John Rawls (JR): JR: I see your signs … Continue reading

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Notre-Dame is eminently restorable

Facebook25 Twitter2Total27I’m sure others have made this point or are typing it this minute, but I will pile on … Notre-Dame de Paris is a stunning building but not a well-preserved medieval one. It has been through a lot, including … Continue reading

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Participatory Action Research as Civic Studies

Facebook29 Twitter1Total30Thanks to the fabulous Tisch College postdoc Margaret McGladrey, we are holding a symposium on “Participatory Action Research as Civic Studies” today at Tufts, with 15 speakers. I’m planning to make a few remarks revolving around three “ideal types” … Continue reading

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a Civic Studies flowchart

Facebook97 Twitter1Total98This is an agenda for research and education. It’s a way of organizing the major topics of our Introduction to Civic Studies course for undergraduates. It isn’t intended directly as a flowchart for civic actors (activists, leaders) because their … Continue reading

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