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the most educated Americans are liberal but not egalitarian

Facebook84 Twitter0Total84Pew reports: “Highly educated adults – particularly those who have attended graduate school – are far more likely than those with less education to take predominantly liberal positions across a range of political values. And these differences have increased over … Continue reading

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new article: “Join a club! Or a team – both can make good citizens”

Facebook16 Twitter0Total16This new article explores reasons that k-12 athletics may boost civic engagement, as well as some important differences between sports and civic life. Student associations in general teach civic skills, and sports are best understood as examples of associations. Indeed, … Continue reading

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10 theses about ethics, in network terms

Facebook13 Twitter0Total13 People hold many morally relevant opinions, some concrete and particular, some abstract and general, some tentative and others categorical. People see connections–usually logical or empirical relationships–between some pairs of their own opinions and can link all of their opinions into one … Continue reading

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setback in North Carolina

Facebook13 Twitter0Total13Federal Judge Judge Thomas D. Schroeder has upheld a whole series of voting laws in North Carolina that, in my view, create barriers to participation. The plaintiffs included the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, and the United States Department … Continue reading

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college application Bingo

Facebook30 Twitter0Total30We spent last week visiting prospective colleges with my daughter, which is why I was offline. The information sessions and tours are very well done but they do tend to blur because of institutional isomorphism. If you’re getting sleepy on your … Continue reading

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the Chicago police and NY State prison scandals reinforce the need for countervailing power

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5The past week has seen scathing reports of pervasive brutality in New York State prisons and the Chicago Police Department. Racism is clearly a factor, but I would like to highlight a different one. We must count on human beings … Continue reading

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a great day for the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

Facebook161 Twitter0Total161Taylor McNeil writes: As the nation continues to engage in increasingly fractious political discourse, it’s more important than ever to develop a community of leaders who are able to rise above the fray and bring positive change to the … Continue reading

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why Donald Trump is anti-conservative

Facebook20 Twitter0Total20Although not a conservative, I have sincere respect for conservative thought, because I think its core insight is human limitation. We human beings are too frail cognitively and morally to change societies wholesale without bad consequences. You can come … Continue reading

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why we need theory for social change

Facebook33 Twitter0Total33Margaret A. Post, Elaine Ward, Nicholas V. Longo, and John Saltmarsh have edited the new volume, Publicly Engaged Scholars: Next-Generation Engagement and the Future of Higher Education. It’s a great anthology that describes 30 years of work reconnecting higher education … Continue reading

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popular theories of political psychology, challenged by data

Facebook15 Twitter0Total16(Washington, DC) I’ve raised doubts about Moral Foundations Theory, which offers valuable insights but classifies individuals too crudely, overlooks the importance of deliberation and narrative in the construction of our moral ideas, and fails to explain historical change in moral opinions. I’ve … Continue reading

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