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how national policies sucked the power out of local government and disempowered citizens

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8Phillip Longman makes an extraordinarily important argument in an Atlantic article entitled “Why the Economic Fates of America’s Cities Diverged” (although I would be very curious what economic historians and other relevant experts think about it). Here is my … Continue reading

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save the date for Frontiers of Democracy 2016

Facebook15 Twitter0Total15Please save the date for Frontiers of Democracy: June 23-25, 2016 at Tufts University’s downtown Boston campus. Frontiers is an annual conference that draws scholars and practitioners who strive to understand and improve people’s engagement with government, with communities, … Continue reading

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Ginwright on Blacklivesmatter

Facebook63 Twitter0Total63 Shawn Ginwright is one of the best analysts of the #Blacklivesmatter movement. These are excerpts from his article “Radically Healing Black Lives: A Love Note to Justice“* that help explain what is happening in America today. First, a … Continue reading

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call for CIRCLE pieces on the relationship between electoral and broader civic engagement

Facebook6 Twitter0Total6CIRCLE has been soliciting and editing guest posts for the home page, which amount to short publications that reach the field of youth civic engagement pretty broadly. The latest call went out today: CIRCLE is seeking proposals for guest … Continue reading

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Returning to our Roots: a new white paper on educating for democracy

Facebook32 Twitter0Total32Released today is a strategy paper entitled Returning to Our Roots: Educating for Democracy. The authors are Generation Citizen plus a committee from other groups, including my CIRCLE colleagues and me. I’m pleased to have been part of the discussions … Continue reading

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ideological currents in the current crises

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10What are these times, when A conversation about trees is almost a crime Because it implies silence about so many misdeeds, When, if you’re calmly crossing the street, It means your friends can’t reach you Who are in need? … Continue reading

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special issue of Diversity & Democracy on political engagement

Facebook25 Twitter0Total25The latest issue of Diversity & Democracy (vol. 18, no. 4, fall 2015) was edited by members of my team at Tisch College in conjunction with AAC&U. The topic of the whole issue is “Student and Institutional Engagement in … Continue reading

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my favorite anecdote about the Founders

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In which Ben Franklin and John Adams sleep together and bicker about whether to keep the widow open. Or, Men of the Enlightenment apply the Faculty of Reason to the Vex’d and Perennial Matter of Bedroom Ventilation: (etc.)

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college and the contradictions of capitalism

Facebook17 Twitter0Total17National attention has turned to political debates and conflicts at one flagship Land Grant state university and one Ivy League. Mizzou and Yale exemplify the whole higher education system, which is a political flashpoint–for good reasons. On one hand, universities are designed to stand somewhat … Continue reading

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a taxonomy of civic engagement measures

Facebook20 Twitter0Total20Civic engagement is important to measure both as an intrinsic good and as a predictor of various desirable outcomes for the individuals who engage and for their communities and governments. Organizations–from individual schools and nonprofits to the Census Bureau and Corporation for National … Continue reading

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