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radical voters?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Two Berkeley graduate students, David E. Broockman and Douglas J. Ahler have conducted research that is already influential enough to become the subject of a column by Thomas B. Edsall in the New York Times. Based on their own large survey of Americans, Broockman and … Continue reading

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CIRCLE resources on the election

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10As we approach the 2014 Election, CIRCLE at Tisch College has a wealth of relevant information. Our 2014 Election Center is the go-to place for data in the form of interactive maps and trends. In addition, we have recently released five more … Continue reading

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the monumental task that confronts a high-stakes testing state

Facebook11 Twitter0Total11Let’s say you don’t especially trust teachers to assess their own students, because their ratings can be inconsistent and biased. So you want to use validated and standardized assessments to evaluate students, schools, and teachers. Let’s say, furthermore, that … Continue reading

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job openings in civic renewal (8)

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12This is the eighth in a series of occasional posts with lists of open positions. Executive Director, Engaged Cornell. A groundbreaking, $150 million, 10-year initiative to establish community engagement and real-world learning experiences as the hallmark of the Cornell … Continue reading

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what the Facebook mood experiment says about current research ethics

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10(Washington, DC) Our ethical rules and procedures now badly fit the actual practices of research–burdening some inquiries that should be treated as free while allowing other studies to do real damage without any oversight at all. The Facebook “mood … Continue reading

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talking about the youth vote

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8(Orlando, FL) Here is the audio of an interview I enjoyed doing recently on BYU Radio. The conversation ranged pretty widely, but here are a few excerpts (from their writeup): Lack of engagement among young people is not entirely … Continue reading

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Matthew G. Specter, Habermas: An Intellectual Biography

Facebook4 Twitter0Total4(Orlando, FL) Matthew G. Specter’s Habermas: An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge, 2010) is not really a biography of the contemporary German philosopher. It doesn’t say where Habermas was born, whether he has a family, what he did in his various … Continue reading

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the left has become Burkean

Facebook22 Twitter0Total22David Brooks makes a point today that is one of my hobby-horses: [Edmund] Burke is known as the founder of conservatism, but his thought sits oddly these days with the Republican Party and those who call themselves conservative. The party has … Continue reading

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the Communist Party battles against equality

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5The profound irony of this kind of story seems under-appreciated: The Beijing-appointed leader of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying, said Monday evening that it was unacceptable to allow his successors to be chosen in open elections, in part because doing … Continue reading

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Goya’s Familia del infante Don Luis

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9I’d call this large painting the highlight of the Goya exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts: Goya depicts himself at the bottom left, painting the Spanish nobleman Luis de Borbón and his family in 1784. Don Luis was … Continue reading

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