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job openings in civic renewal (7)

Facebook11 Twitter0Total11(Washington, DC) This is #7 in an occasional series. See also #6, from late July. Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of Public and Community Service Studies at Providence College. “We invite applicants with teaching and scholarly interests that focus on … Continue reading

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how to teach the constitution of cyberspace

Facebook26 Twitter0Total26Tomorrow at the American Political Science Association, I’ll be joining Hahrie C. Han (Wellesley College), Cathy J. Cohen (University of Chicago), and Joseph Kahne (Mills College) on a panel on Civic Education after the Digital Revolution Date (10:15 AM-12:00 PM, … Continue reading

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“based off of”?

Facebook16 Twitter0Total16I notice that Americans under the age of 30 are now saying “based off of” instead of “based on.” I Googled to see if that was a trend and found this handy graph by Ann Curzan: In published books, … Continue reading

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academic freedom and the Steven Salaita case

Facebook9 Twitter0Total9I want to draw additional attention to the case of Steven Salaita, because it poses a threat to academic freedom. Here is the petition to reinstate him, which I have signed. Last year, the University of Illinois granted … Continue reading

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Sen on climate change

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8Amartya Sen’s August 22 New Republic piece probably has an unfortunate title: “Stop Obsessing About Global Warming.” That is bad advice–and a poor summary of the article–if it means: “Care less about climate change.” But it is wise guidance … Continue reading

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on a quasi-vacation

Facebook1 Twitter0Total2(I’m taking a break from the blog and the office until August 21.)

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a real chance to improve civics in California

Facebook19 Twitter0Total19I am pasting excerpts of a press release below, because I am excited about what it announces and I have been involved as a consultant on the project. It is an example of the kind of strategy we recommended in the … Continue reading

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what should an individual citizen do about money in politics?

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12(New York City): I am on a Washington-New York-Boston trip in which many of my meetings coincidentally touch on the same topic: what should we do about money in politics? Per my usual rant, the question is not what … Continue reading

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community review boards for research?

Facebook4 Twitter0Total4(Washington, DC) If you work at a federally funded institution like mine and you want to collect data from human beings or animals, you need permission from an Institutional Review Board. Its purview is ethics, and specifically the ethical … Continue reading

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when society becomes fully transparent to the state

Facebook38 Twitter0Total38I am posting some longer analytical pieces because I am working on a chapter about “democracy in the age of digital media.” Today’s topic is how digital media makes society more legible to the state, and whether that is good … Continue reading

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