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Facebook14 Twitter0Total14I’ll be offline and off work until July 7, visiting my favorite buildings in the world–the mosques of Mi’mâr Sinân and his colleagues–and some other sites of Istanbul and Ionia.

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from the achievement gap to empowerment

Facebook23 Twitter0Total23Harry Boyte argues that the “achievement gap” is the wrong framework for thinking about education. It “assumes the point is upward mobility — how to give poor people, especially racial minorities, resources and remediation so that they can make … Continue reading

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on the contributions of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12Vincent and Elinor Ostrom founded a whole school of thought–some call it the Bloomington School–that now orients the work of many scholars and practitioners around the world. Last week, about 250 people came from many countries to give papers … Continue reading

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a mile above Walden

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Bloomington, IN) Very early this morning, my Chicago-bound flight rose over the tanks and derricks of East Boston, turned above the thick settlements of Cambridge and Somerville, and then, as the houses dispersed from tight rows into suburban swirls … Continue reading

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Facebook14 Twitter0Total14A university provides amazing resources and assets. I would even defend its overall structure to a degree. For one thing, it is robust against faddish ideas. If a university could change more easily, then a discipline like classics would have been shut down long … Continue reading

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job openings for civic renewal (5)

Facebook17 Twitter0Total17Here is the fifth in an occasional series on jobs in civic education, democratic reform, community organizing, and related fields: Executive Vice President, Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.  The EMK Institute will be housed in … Continue reading

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West Chop poem in the Wampum Collection

Facebook8 Twitter0Total8In lieu of a post today, here’s a link to my poem “West Chop,” which was just published in a Martha’s Vineyard literary magazine called the Wampum Collection. It begins: Tethered sailboats hunched in a row.A gull sails the diagonal, … Continue reading

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Ostrom plus Habermas is nearly all we need

Facebook35 Twitter0Total35The late, great Elinor Ostrom is much on my mind. I taught her work in Mexico a couple of weeks ago and will be visiting her Bloomington (IN) Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis next weekend. I’d like … Continue reading

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campaign finance as a corrupt gift economy

Facebook19 Twitter0Total19Congressman Vance McAllister admitted Thursday to voting against legislation in the U.S. House anticipating he would get a political contribution for his vote. A Republican from Swartz [LA], McAllister spoke about the matter as an example of how “money controls … Continue reading

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talking about We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Facebook11 Twitter0Total11I enjoyed talking for an hour this morning with WPFW’s Josephine Reed. The audio of that show is archived here. (Look for the Thursday, June 12 edition of “On the Margin.”) At 2 pm Eastern today, I’ll be talking about the … Continue reading

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