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new federal measures of civic engagement

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5Formal systems, such as governments, tend to measure what they value. Thus I take it as a good sign that the federal government has been gradually expanding the forms of civic engagement that it measures regularly through the Census … Continue reading

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three truths and a question about happiness

Facebook14 Twitter0Total14I am a cheerful guy, happy with my work and family life, able to enjoy mundane events and relish extraordinary experiences. But for me, as for virtually everyone, an undercurrent of sorrow and fear is never completely absent. The … Continue reading

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could civic learning be on the verge of a breakthrough?

Facebook24 Twitter0Total24I see promising signs. H.R.3464, the Sandra Day O’Connor Civic Learning Act of 2011, would authorize the federal government to collect better data on students’ civic knowledge and would create a grant competition for innovative programs that focus on … Continue reading

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understanding a diverse generation

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1Yesterday, CIRCLE released our major overview study of young Americans, coming into the 2012 campaign cycle. The study is here. It includes a separate press release on African Americans, here. I wrote an editorial for the HuffingtonPost, which is … Continue reading

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top ten questions about Occupy Wall Street

Facebook12 Twitter0Total12 Are OWS, the Madison protests of last winter, the Arab Spring, the Indian anti-corruption movement, and the Tea Party all examples of the same phenomenon? Are they miscellaneous stories plucked from the world’s headlines? Or–in the case of … Continue reading

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an experiment with teachers and students and text messaging

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1I spent part of Monday and Tuesday with the team of OneVille, who build tools for high school students, their peers, teachers, and other adults to communicate on the students’ behalf. Lots of people have stakes in the welfare … Continue reading

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a complaint about ceilings in modern architecture

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1In many buildings constructed before 1950, the ceiling is the aesthetic focus. Even when the walls are plain or are devoted to practical purposes, the ceilings are available for decoration. Our eyes are drawn upward. My two examples (quickly … Continue reading

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webinar on non-college youth, seminar on civic education in a connected world

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Logan Airport) On November 29 at 2 pm Eastern, I’ll be part of a Webinar produced by the Alliance for Positive Youth Development on the topic of “Helping Non-College Youth Become Engaged Citizens.” It’s free and open to the … Continue reading

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why no Keynesianism anywhere?

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3For all the billions of bytes devoted to criticizing Barack Obama’s economic strategies (Why wasn’t the stimulus bigger? Why didn’t he get the debt limit raised earlier?), there seems to be hardly any discussion of a much more significant … Continue reading

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badges for civic skills

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3Here are two proposals for “civic badges” entered in the Digital Media and Learning Competition. Public comments are being welcomed on the DML site–please click through to read and discuss: Preparation for Volunteer Service, proposed by the Tisch College … Continue reading

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