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talking about education for civil society at AEI

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3 Here I am at the American Enterprise Institute on Oct. 20, talking about education for civil society. I start talking at 27 minutes, 46 seconds, but I really enjoyed and learned from the previous presentation by Michael Johanek, … Continue reading

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activism when ideology is weak

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3I am reading a forthcoming book about a whole set of academic programs–centers, certificates, majors, and minors–devoted to service or civic engagement. I am struck that the numerous authors in the volume cite virtually no living intellectuals who are … Continue reading

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understanding public deliberation as a field

Facebook2 Twitter0Total2In the current Journal of Public Deliberation (which, by the way, is a free, open-access, peer-reviewed publication), Caroline W. Lee has an article entitled, “Five Assumptions Academics Make About Public Deliberation, And Why They Deserve Rethinking.” Her first major … Continue reading

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the importance of the inner life to moral philosophy

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10It can be seen that there a huge gap, at present unfillable as far as we are concerned, which needs to be filled by an account of human nature, human action, the type of characteristic a virtue is, and … Continue reading

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the growing distance between people and schools

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3(Washington, DC) Liberals are often dismissive of local control in education. For example, in the current New York Review of Books, Christopher Benfey remarks on Mitt “Romney’s obligatory kowtowing to local and parental control of school systems (meaning, presumably, … Continue reading

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Transforming Undergraduate Education: Theory that Compels and Practices that Succeed

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3Donald Harward, former president of Bates College and now director of Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP), has edited a newly released book about undergraduate education. The 41 authors tackle the interrelated problems that students often disengage from learning, professors … Continue reading

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species of educational reformer

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1(Washington, DC). Whom have I forgotten or mischaracterized? The Testing Liberal: Argues that we have failed to educate our least advantaged children because we haven’t believed they can succeed, haven’t cared about them, and haven’t dedicated valuable resources–such as … Continue reading

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in 1900, they were so twenty-first century

Facebook2 Twitter0Total2If you heard about the following case studies, when would you guess that they happened? An East Harlem principal decides that he can’t educate his extraordinarily diverse students effectively unless someone addresses out-of-school issues, including drugs, ethnic conflict, and … Continue reading

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OWS research

Facebook6 Twitter0Total6(On a bus near Concord, NH): Occupy Wall Street may turn out to be a historic watershed or a footnote. Either way, it is an important research opportunity, a chance to study social movements, non-hierarchical organizations, citizens’ impact on … Continue reading

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the disaffection election

Facebook2 Twitter0Total2I learned in DC last week that political consultants are predicting a very low turnout election in 2012. Voter participation will be suppressed by a combination of dissatisfied “base” voters on both sides of the aisle, discouraged independents who … Continue reading

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