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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m at Boston’s Logan airport, waiting to fly to DC for a day’s meetings. Then we’re going on vacation for a week, and I will try to stay offline as much as I can. So no blogging until July … Continue reading

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economic benefits of civic engagement

Facebook18 Twitter0Total18Does civic engagement (or you can call it “democratic participation,” or “stronger civil society”) help communities economically? I don’t think there is a large literature on that question, at least with explicit reference to the United States. Of course, … Continue reading

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the truth of focus groups and surveys

Facebook18 Twitter0Total18I am deep into coding focus groups, along with my colleagues at CIRCLE. We have convened working-class, urban youth in several American cities. We listen to audio recordings of their discussions with the software package called NVivo and, in … Continue reading

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could the president pivot to anti-corruption?

Facebook2 Twitter0Total2Based on recent polling, Andrew Levison argues that a minority of Americans (call them the supply-siders) believe that a combination of federal spending cuts and tax cuts would boost the economy. A different minority (the Keynesians) believe that federal … Continue reading

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the public wants us to teach facts, not skills of citizenship

Facebook13 Twitter0Total13A perfect citizen would know an enormous range of facts, concepts, and skills, from macroeconomics to how to chair a meeting, from the contents of the Federalist Papers to the principles of statistics. (See my list in this HuffingtonPost … Continue reading

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30 percent of the Greek economy is off the books

Facebook7 Twitter0Total7When the lead headline of the New York Times reads, “Greek Turmoil Raises Fears of Instability Around Europe,” and the whole world’s economy is vulnerable to political decisions in this country of about 11 million, here is something important … Continue reading

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economic freedom correlates with poverty

Facebook10 Twitter0Total10The Mercatus Center, a libertarian outfit, provides rankings of states’ “freedom,” defined as the absence of taxation, spending, and regulation by governments. So if a state spends more on education or requires more years of schooling, its people are … Continue reading

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Facebook5 Twitter0Total5(Washington, DC) All this typing about politics, ideas, policy, the American people–2,077 posts on this site, plus articles, emails, graphs–and what I really care about, of course, is me: my own passage through time. For instance, how long ago … Continue reading

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Massachusetts kids fight for civic ed

Facebook26 Twitter0Total26(In DC for a Bringing Theory to Practice conference. This item also appears on the Huffington Post) Here is news that may shake your stereotypes. Urban students from several Massachusetts cities (in a coalition called Teens Leading The Way) … Continue reading

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everyone is Kevin Bacon

Facebook5 Twitter0Total5(in Washington, DC) Friends who were with me at the first National Action Civics Conference this weekend in Chicago–see my HuffPost piece for more on the conference–know that a running joke emerged there. Because I had helped to connect … Continue reading

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