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going offline

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We are heading overseas for a vacation until Feb 28. I will be back online then.

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the civic value of extracurriculars

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The evidence is very strong that extracurricular activities enhance democracy, yet there is little explicit advocacy for extracurricular participation. Some adult groups support and defend student groups that specifically interest them, whether that means Christian bible clubs or Gay, … Continue reading

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why we need civic education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I enjoyed conversations with about 75 supporters of civic education in Colorado yesterday, in three different meetings. They represented school systems, the state education agency, local nonprofits, foundations, and school board members. My comments at the first session are … Continue reading

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with Facing History and Ourselves and others in Colorado

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Denver, CO: I am here for a series of conversations about civic education, youth civic engagement, and education reform in Colorado. My hosts are Facing History and Ourselves, the Colorado Legacy Foundation, and the Donnell-Kay Foundation and I look … Continue reading

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a real alternative to ideal theory in political philosophy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In philosophy, “ideal theory” means arguments about what a true just society would be like. Sometimes, proponents of ideal theory assert that it is useful for guiding our actual political decisions, which should steer toward the ideal state. John … Continue reading

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keep on TRUCEN

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Flying from Boston to Washington: I was in DC briefly today for a meeting of The Research University Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN): representatives of research-oriented, selective, four-year universities that are trying to work with communities to address public problems … Continue reading

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forays into postcolonial literature

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0“Is there another side?” I said. “There is always the other side, always.” — Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea A couple of weeks ago, flying to California, I finished Jane Eyre and bristled a bit at the way the narrator … Continue reading

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homage to Hannah Arendt at The New School

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In New York City–At 6 pm today, I will speak at The New School on a panel entitled “Civic Engagement and Higher Education in the United States: What Do College Students Gain From Civic Engagement Experiences?” My co-panelist is … Continue reading

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educating for civility

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am concerned about civil society and active citizenship, not about civility per se. I think an obligation to be polite can suppress engagement or can favor one side over the other (normally the side that is invested in … Continue reading

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voter ID requirements may not be a big problem

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I do not favor voter ID requirements, because evidence of fraud is extremely scarce; some people don’t have government-issued ID’s; and in general, our voting process is too cumbersome, not too easy. But I would hesitate before putting major … Continue reading

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