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could we crowdsource civic renewal?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am professionally and personally committed to “civic renewal“: strengthening the capacities of citizens to solve problems, influence government, and create public goods. In the past, citizens gained those capacities as members of organizations, but we have lost most … Continue reading

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12 good signs for the new year

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Nancy Thomas of the Democracy Imperative has collected 12 positive and recent news items about civic engagement, youth, and education. In lieu of my own post on this surprisingly busy day, I recommend Nancy’s list, which is especially valuable … Continue reading

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Ian McKellen’s Now is the winter of our discontent

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I admire unexpected, imaginative stagings of Shakespeare that are not stunts but that reveal meanings in the original text. There are many such moments in Ian McKellen’s film version of Richard III (1995). He has cut and edited Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

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doing the same thing again and expecting different results is not insane

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Is it just me, or are people suddenly citing the following quote all over the place: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”? It is variously attributed to Albert Einstein, … Continue reading

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federal policy and civic skills report

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last April, CIRCLE convened scholars, civic leaders, and federal officials met in Washington to develop a federal policy agenda for civic skills. Thirty-three of the participants (not including any federal officials) jointly wrote and signed a report that we … Continue reading

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on public work and alienation

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Neighbors love a local stream and are concerned about its health. Thanks to them, a pedestrian footbridge is built over it to provide access and to reduce car pollution. It doesn’t matter much whether people cause the bridge it … Continue reading

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federal leverage as an employer, and higher education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The federal government provides full-time employment for 2.8 million civilians. In a given month, the feds may hire 50,000 new employees. Imagine if they said: “We are looking for people who have civic skills, who can analyze complex public … Continue reading

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I support the tax deal

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Washington, DC) My inbox is full of denunciations of the Obama/GOP tax deal, but I support it. Until very recently, additional Keynsian stimulus seemed politically impossible. No one was even talking about it. Now we can have a stimulus … Continue reading

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the philosophical foundations of civic education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro and I have published an article under this title in Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly. It is actually a version (with due permission) of a chapter we published in The Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement in … Continue reading

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Matt Leighninger on a vital moment

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0You should read Matt Leighninger’s paper for the Bertelsmann Foundation, “Vitalizing Democracy Through Public Participation: A Vital Moment” (pdf). Here are some quotes to give a flavor, but the whole argument is important: Obama was educated in the same … Continue reading

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