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a youth preamble

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I spent some of the weekend in Wisconsin with, which is planning to create a “youth declaration.” I couldn’t draft such a document, because it should be written collaboratively by many young Americans–not by one graying Gen-Xer. However, … Continue reading

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four years after the “Civic Mission of Schools”

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Wingspread, near Racine, Wisconsin) I’m here for a meeting of, which is working with various partners to try to construct a declaration or manifesto on behalf of the Millennial Generation. Young Americans from across the country will have … Continue reading

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Iraq: the power of words

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(From the Avis car rental office at O’Hare Airport, Chicago) Here are two critical issues of terminology that affect our conduct of the Iraq war: Whom are we fighting? Our enemy cannot be defined as the Iraqi unsurgency. That’s … Continue reading

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charter schools: where we stand

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I live in a city, Washington, that is shifting to charter schools. They will enroll a majority of the public school population by 2014 if current trends continue. According to V. Dion Haynes and Theola Labbe in today’s Washington … Continue reading

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celebrity culture and politics

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The five “most popular” stories on CNN today are: 1. “Judd: How a $10 net can stop a killer” (actress Ashley Judd endorses anti-malaria nets.) 2. “Basinger: I didn’t leak Baldwin phone message” (a domestic spat between two formerly … Continue reading

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citizen liaison offices

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(In Massachusetts) Colleagues and I are looking for policy ideas that would support civic participation. In 1994, in a report for the White House Domestic Policy Council, Paul Light recommended the creation of a “Citizen Liaison Office” (CLO) within … Continue reading

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too much coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The amount of coverage has been staggering–dozens of stories per day in the top national newspapers, nightly broadcast news programs that are lengthened by half an hour, 24-hour repetitions of the same information on cable news, even a blow-by-blow … Continue reading

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The November Fifth Coalition

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The November Fifth Coalition has just been launched as a collaboration among several major civic organizations (with others to be added to the website very soon). November Fifth is the day after the election. We mean to say that … Continue reading

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Gonzalo’s commonwealth

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Gonzalo is the most virtuous character in Shakespeare’s Tempest, a man “whose honor cannot / Be measured or confined” (v,1,135-6). He arrives on Prospero’s island in the company of vile politicians who have organized a coup and are prepared, … Continue reading

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whom does a White House reporter represent?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Another person who spoke on Saturday at Penn State was David E. Sanger, the chief White House correspondent of the New York Times. After his speech, I asked him whom he thought he represented when he rode on Air … Continue reading

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