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the hookup culture

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Those who are responsible for adolescents and college students are worried about the “hookup culture.” Quite a few young people have sex frequently with different partners within the same large social network. Their choice not to repeat sex with … Continue reading

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benefits of service-learning and student government

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Durham, NC): My colleagues and I argue that civic experiences in adolescence make young people into active, effective, and responsible citizens–participants in politics and civil society. However, most students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers are less concerned about civic … Continue reading

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lordy, lordy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(en route to Durham, NC). Yesterday, I turned forty. Since I happen to have a sick parent right now, “intimations of mortality” would be an understatement. Last time I noticed, my contemporaries were deciding what advanced degrees to pursue, … Continue reading

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efficiency versus “receptivity” in politics

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m just back from a meeting on how to mobilize young people to vote. Techniques for that purpose are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the 1990s, you might just mail people flyers reminding them to register. Then organizations began to … Continue reading

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a growing class gap and the transition to adulthood

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Milwaukee) Life has changed substantially since 1975 for middle-class young people. Life has changed much less–and in less favorable ways–for working-class kids. The result is a growing class gap that influences the way that people become citizens. For children … Continue reading

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volunteering down in 2006

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(from Wingspread, near Racine, WI) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the volunteering rate for the United States as a whole slipped by 2.1 percentage points in 2006, having been stable for the previous three years. The Bureau … Continue reading

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privilege, giving way slowly

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Joseph Palmi: The Irish have their homeland. Us Italians have our families and our church; the Jews their traditions–hell even the [anti-Black slur] have their music; so what do you people have? Edward Wilson: We have the United States … Continue reading

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problems with “stakeholders”

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Today, my colleagues and I discussed a paper on assisted human reproduction in Canada. In passing, we learned that the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies “took advice from about 40,000 individuals and organizations with interest [sic] in the … Continue reading

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on state apologies and the taking of offense

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Around here, the facts of the following case have already been widely reported. But the short version goes like this … Virginia Delegate Frank D. Hargrove Sr., age 79, when asked about a proposed resolution to apologize for slavery, … Continue reading

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a lesson on civil society and civic engagement

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I was a guest lecturer this morning at the Washington Semester, an undergraduate program run by American University. (The other guest was Judy Woodruff, who showed some of her footage from the Generation Next television series. She has conducted … Continue reading

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