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classrooms never change

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(en route to Dayton, OH) According to a fascinating article by Nicholas Orme in Oxford Today, medieval and renaissance English schoolboys spent most of their time translating passages into Latin. Latin was a practical, living language, and medieval teachers … Continue reading

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the state of play

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Until recently, I would have summarized the partisan debate in the United States as follows. On domestic policy, the Democratic coalition encompassed many factions, but the dominant one was led by Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin. Their priorities were: … Continue reading

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states and markets (the case of India)

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I could write a long post criticizing “neoliberalism” for widening gaps between rich and poor, undermining local cultures, damaging the biosphere, and restricting the sovereignty of democratic governments. I’d vote for the democratic left if, for example, I lived … Continue reading

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growing up in a library

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Syracuse, NY): We’re stuck in my hometown after Thanksgiving weekend because of a delayed flight. Over the weekend, my wife Laura and I measured the bookshelves in the house where I grew up. We estimate that my Dad has … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We’re on our way to a family gathering, and I do not expect to post again until Nov. 27.

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starting from what?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am attracted to two ideas that are in some tension: 1. We should prize very open-ended public deliberations (enriched by practical experiences) in which people try to set aside all ideological assumptions so that they can discover unrecognized … Continue reading

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civic renewal in a state legislature

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’ve recently met several state legislators in basically social situations. It occurs to me that their job isn’t all that great nowadays. People strongly dislike politicians as a class, yet legislators must interact daily with strangers–and consistently treat everyone … Continue reading

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Linda Faye Williams (1949-2006)

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Dr. Linda Williams died on Oct. 16. She had been a senior professor of Government & Politics at the University of Maryland. Before that, she had taught at Howard and other universities and had served in senior positions in … Continue reading

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bridging the gap between what universities can offer and what students can do

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0At its best, a college education offers students–regardless of their career plans–opportunities to participate as apprentices in real research that addresses unanswered and pressing questions. That experience is good for the mind and the character. I think people understand … Continue reading

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Murtha is completely unacceptable

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Here is the full FBI surveillance tape from the Abscam investigation, dated January 7, 1980. That’s Representative Murtha on the couch. Scroll forward to about 12:00 on the tape and listen until about 18:35. (The most dramatic part is … Continue reading

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