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the republic of conscience

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0At Campus Compact’s 20th anniversary, Mary Robinson gave the keynote address. She is a distinguished lawyer, former President of Ireland, and former UN Commissioner of Human Rights. At one point, in her soft Irish accent, she read Seamus Heaney’s … Continue reading

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the origins of government

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Would this work as a definition of a government? “An institution designed to outlast individual human beings that operates within a fixed geographical territory; it has permanent fiscal accounts, offices with mutually consistent and complementary roles that are held … Continue reading

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on opportunities and outcomes in education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Today’s dominant educational legislation, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), requires outcomes–but it does not require opportunities or other “inputs.” Presumably, policymakers were skeptical about the quality of mandated opportunities, even if there were adequate funding. If, for … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We’ve been doing a lot of radio lately, because radio news programs seem interested in CIRCLE’s data on young people and civic engagement. Just today, I’m scheduled for a station in Norfolk, Virginia, College Connection (a syndicated radio feed), … Continue reading

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school choice

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(O?Hare Airport, Chicago) I just attended a very stimulating large conference on ?values and evidence in educational reform,? organized by Crooked Timber?s Harry Brighouse and the Spencer Foundation. There were panels on standards and testing; charters and vouchers; and … Continue reading

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smelling memories

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(On my way back to Chicago for another meeting.) Sit quietly, close your eyes, and recall the scent of a lemon … soy sauce … pepper … gasoline … a baked apple. Inhale through your nose as you remember … Continue reading

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public voice online

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am writing this post in a public voice. I don’t expect to know most of my readers; therefore, I try to say something that might interest at least a subset of the whole population–a “public.” I hope not … Continue reading

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free speech and school discipline

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The most interesting case discussed at yesterday’s conference involved an assistant principal at a Texas high school. Some of her students had created a MySpace page that ostensibly belonged to her. They made her seem to be a lesbian … Continue reading

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free speech online

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m still in Chicago, now for a meeting on Free Speech in Schools (“a McCormick Tribune Foundation Summit on Youth, the First Amendment, and the Information Age”). Because of the schedule for the day, I don’t expect to be … Continue reading

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a production of Lear

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Chicago) Last night, I saw King Lear at the Goodman Theater. Stacy Keach was the King, and the director was Robert Falls. It was a “strong” production, in the sense that the director’s choices were bold and potentially controversial. … Continue reading

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