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worth reading

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Three items from my email inbox support the case for democratic education: 1. Nick Bromwell, an English professor, reviews some important recent books about democracy in the Boston Review. He argues that democracy requires a balance of liberty and … Continue reading

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scholarship & teaching

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Pasadena) Sometimes I find it strange that we pay scholars to teach young people. Scholarship and teaching are often such different affairs. A society could employ scholars to conduct research and teach apprentice scholars but never expect them to … Continue reading

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Annette Lareau (III): civic implications

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0This is my third consecutive post about Unequal Childhoods. Here I explore the book’s civic implications, which Lareau does not address very explicitly. Organizing people to address their own problems from the grassroots up is an alternative to all … Continue reading

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Annette Lareau (II): ideological implications

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(From Pasadena, CA) Unequal Childhoods (see yesterday for a summary) catches children in the process of replicating their parents? class positions. When children who start in poor or working class families end up as poor adults (which happens frequently), … Continue reading

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Annette Lareau (I)

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(From San Francisco) This is the first of several consecutive posts about Annette Lareau’s book, Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life. It’s the most stimulating work of social science I have read for a long time, and I … Continue reading

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websites for civic renewal

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Along the right-hand column of this page, I’ve been running automated excerpts from blogs about civic renewal. Below is a list of these blogs, including some exciting newcomers. All these sites provide a high dose of news and information … Continue reading

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democracy as education, education for democracy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’ve been commissioned to write an article about John Dewey’s 1927 book, The Public and its Problems, and what it implies for contemporary democratic practice. Given my own interests, I have focused on its implications for public deliberation and … Continue reading

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the Comic Book Project

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I spent yesterday in Philadelphia meeting various people, including a representative from the Comic Book Project. This outfit is active in 10 cities. Kids–mostly in middle school–are taught to make comic books on various social themes. The results look … Continue reading

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digital media: the audience problem

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m writing a mini-proposal for a project on the digital media and civic engagement. I’m thinking of exploring the following problem. A new generation is coming of age at a time when various electronic media are ominipresent, cheap, and … Continue reading

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Israel’s “right to exist”

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0My colleague Jerry Segal is also president of the Jewish Peace Lobby. He has an interesting recent editorial in Ha’aretz in which he recalls his meeting with senior PLO officials in Tunis in 1988. They were willing to accept … Continue reading

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