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Shakespeare in retirement

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I recently finished Stephen Greenblatt’s Will in the World, a chronological series of essays about Shakespeare’s life and its influence on his work. It leaves me thinking about the reasons for Shakespeare’s early retirement around 1611. That year he … Continue reading

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a market failure in higher ed (the Summers case)

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In the highly competitive global market for college students and faculty, Harvard is the leader. A major consulting firm that was hired to advise Oxford (I think it was McKinsey & Co.) found that Oxford could potentially compete with … Continue reading

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young people and rebuilding after Katrina

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0According to the latest AP-Ipsos poll, “About half the under-30 poll respondents — 52 percent — said they were confident federal money for the Gulf Coast recovery was being spent wisely. The number was much lower for respondents of … Continue reading

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the Bahamas

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Over the President’s Day weekend, my family and I visited the Bahamas. I have hesitated to blog about our trip, because I don’t want to presume any knowledge or insight about a country that I saw so briefly. I … Continue reading

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youth civic engagement: an institutional turn

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In 2005, my colleague Jim Youniss (Catholic University) and I organized a conference, funded by The Carnegie Corporation of New York, that explored a particular perspective on youth civic engagement. We tried to shift the focus away from direct … Continue reading

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the moral world of children

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Phillip Larkin, the great English poet, once said, “Until I grew up I thought I hated everybody, but when I grew up I realized it was just children I didn’t like. Once you started meeting grown-ups life was much … Continue reading

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Koufax Awards

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Since my family and I are traveling, I don’t expect to post anything until Tuesday. Meanwhile, I’m flattered that this blog has been nominated for the Koufax Award in the “best expert blog” category. Voting hasn’t started yet, but … Continue reading

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Cheney and the press

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Jay Rosen has the best commentary on how Dick Cheney has handled the press after the shooting accident. As a foil, Jay quotes former White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater: “If [Cheney?s] press secretary had any sense about it … Continue reading

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are sports good for democracy?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Joey Cheek (age 26), the winning speedskater, has decided to donate his whole Olympic prize to Right to Play, a nonprofit that serves poor kids in the developing world. He also took the opportunity to speak out on an … Continue reading

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interracial tolerance among the young

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0My organization is cited in this story in USA Today: Sharon Jayson, “New generation doesn’t blink at interracial relationships”: Ryan Knapick and Josh Baker have been best friends since fifth grade. Colette Gregory entered the picture in high school. … Continue reading

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