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worst and best of America

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0There’s a “challenge to the blogosphere” that’s getting a lot of attention: bloggers have been asked to list the Ten Worst Americans of the last 230 years. I find that I am not good at this, partly because I … Continue reading

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the youth vote and the cut in federal student aid

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In 2004, about 11.6 million Americans under the age of 25 voted, an increase of about three million compared to the previous election (pdf). Although they broke for John Kerry at the end, young voters were up for grabs, … Continue reading

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youth-led research after Katrina

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0My organization, CIRCLE, has made grants to teams of young people who design and conduct community research projects. We are able to make these grants thanks to funding from the Cricket Island Foundation. We also provide the youth teams … Continue reading

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privacy and domestic surveillance

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Macon, GA: As I wrote recently, I think the biggest question raised by the warrantless surveillance of US citizens is whether the president knowingly authorized criminal acts under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). I don’t know for sure … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Today we are flying to Georgia for Christmas. I don’t expect to blog again until December 27 or 28. Until then, merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, have a great Kwanzaa, honor the Orthodox Feast of the Nativity, mark the death … Continue reading

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a proposal for college reform

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last week, I wrote that it pays for colleges merely to select the most qualified high school students and then put their energy into attracting and retaining famous scholars. They don’t actually have to educate their students, because their … Continue reading

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city of dreaming spires

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Oxford–the city, not the university–figures in my memories from all stages of my life. In fact, my connection to the town predates my memory. When I was a colicky baby, my parents rented a house in Oxford one summer … Continue reading

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domestic spying and impeachment

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The president’s direct order to conduct domestic wiretaps without warrants is a very big deal. I’m ready to change my whole view of the Bush Administration if the facts turn out for the worst. For almost five years, I … Continue reading

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college teaching isn’t very effective

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Yesterday’s post was long and meandering. I was thinking as I wrote about several different (but related) topics. I’m beginning to plan a speech that I’ll give in Texas in January, and yesterday’s post was preparatory. Anyway, I think … Continue reading

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why schools and colleges often overlook civic development

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Markets may have advantages for education, but they pose special problems for civic education. The civic development of young people will be undervalued in any market system, unless we take deliberate and rather forceful efforts to change that pattern. … Continue reading

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