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en route

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m flying to California today by way of Detroit. I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything substantive.

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universities and civic education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0A 1911 committee of the American Political Science Association recommended that elementary school students should cooperate with local government agencies or community associations to beautify vacant lots, as a way of learning civic skills. They also suggested that high … Continue reading

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political neutrality in schools

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In Vermont, an English and social studies teacher gave his students this item in a vocabulary quiz. They were asked to choose the correct word in the parenthesis: I wish Bush would be (coherent, eschewed) for once during a … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0 In the National Gallery this morning, I was looking at a Madonna and Child by Antonio Rossellino (I show a detail here). It’s a low-relief sculpture carved about 1475. Look at the pillow at the bottom right, on … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Too much turkey and talk to post anything here today. I endorse Russell Arben Fox’s defense of holidays like this one.

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Galston on the Democrats

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The graph to the right shows the popularity of the Democrats and Republicans as recorded in NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls. Note the decline for the GOP and the failure of the Democrats to budge upwards even a tick. … Continue reading

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options for Iraq

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Nothing is more important than having concrete alternatives for America’s future in Iraq. There cannot be a useful–or even a barely dignified–debate until there are choices on the table. If the debate is only about whether Bush lied and … Continue reading

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civic opportunities

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Two emails arrived over the weekend that advertised important civic work. First, in hard-hit industrial northeastern Ohio, the Knight Foundation is supporting an elaborate process called “Voices and Choices.” Through this process, thousands of residents will help to set … Continue reading

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Redeem the Vote: evangelical politics in a civic vein

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I just had a good conversation with Randy Brinson, chairman of Redeem the Vote, with whom I’ve talked several times before. If you look at the Redeem the Vote website, you’ll see a strongly conservative political organization that questions … Continue reading

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ethics of international intervention

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0This afternoon, I will guest-teach a public policy seminar for a friend who’s in Venezuela on a Fulbright. The topic of the day is international intervention. When is it appropriate (or obligatory) to impose sanctions or invade another country … Continue reading

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