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New Voices media projects released

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0A brief post from California–The New Voices project at the University of Maryland has released a list of the ten micro-news projects that we decided to fund this year. In these projects, citizens (not professional journalists) create high-quality news … Continue reading

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heading West

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Today, among other tasks, I’ll be helping to choose the projects that CIRCLE will fund under our “youth-led research” grant competition. We have hundreds of applications to choose from, many excellent. All across the country, groups of adolescents are … Continue reading

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foundations and k-12 education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last fall, Frederick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute wrote an article in Philanthropy that was largely critical of the “new” education funders: especially the Bill & Melinda T. Gates Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, the Milken Family Foundation, … Continue reading

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how to argue for the moral value of literature

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0At least since Ovid (see EI.VI:1-54), some people have argued that reading fine literature improves us morally. In particular, fiction and poetry are supposed to enhance our empathy and make us more humane. This effect is a staple theme–perhaps … Continue reading

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the civic education movement comes of age

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Between 1970 and 2000, most academic researchers said that adults’ political and civic behavior was not affected by what they had learned in their schools. In short, civic education didn’t work. Meanwhile, schools were moving away from their traditional … Continue reading

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me on the radio, from down under

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0People are interested right now in the “Straussians”–the somewhat cliquish followers of the late Leo Strauss, some of whom hold influential political positions in the Bush Administration. In my Nietzsche book, I argued that Leo Strauss was not the … Continue reading

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youth protest and media bias

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Yesterday, I heard Sarah A. Soule, an Arizona sociologist, present a paper on “Student Protest and Youth Collective Action in the United States, 1960-1990.” She and her colleagues have coded thousands of stories from The New York Times that … Continue reading

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Suzanne Morse

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Suzanne Morse has launched a blog. She’s just getting started, but this is a significant development, since Suzanne, President of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, plays an important role in our increasingly coherent and robust movement for civic … Continue reading

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the left and liberty

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Bill Galston has an important article in the Washington Monthly entitled, “Taking Liberty: Liberals ignore and conservatives misunderstand America’s guiding value: freedom.” Although Bill is my boss and friend, we have never discussed this essay or its arguments. I … Continue reading

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youth arts projects & civic engagement

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last Wednesday, I was privileged to visit an arts program in Washington. A very diverse group of more than 50 kids work together all year, starting by discussing the issues that concern them most and ultimately producing an original … Continue reading

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