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in transit

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m going to be speaking and then travelling today, so I will probably not get a chance to go online. However, Marcus Stanley has contributed some very useful “content” to my blog in the form of a critical comment … Continue reading

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college students in the ’04 election

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m on my way to Madison, Wisconsin, to talk to social studies teachers. Meanwhile, CIRCLE will be releasing a really interesting poll of college students. Visit the CIRCLE homepage around noon to see all the details. Among other things … Continue reading

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justice in industry standards

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0This is a topic that I would write about if I suddenly had three free months and could actually study the facts of the matter. Lacking those months (but having a blog), I hereby offer my untotored thoughts … … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(No blogging today–too much turkey to eat and too many little tots to play with.)

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progress toward an information commons

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Since 2002, some colleagues and I have been working slowly to create an “information commons” for Prince George’s County, MD. A real information commons would be a voluntary association devoted to creating public goods and putting them online. These … Continue reading

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Boyte on Lakoff

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I haven’t read George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant, although it’s been urged on me more than once. His book and Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas? seem to be the two most influential works on the … Continue reading

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why the Democrats are slipping into minority status

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0It’s possible that we’re a fifty/fifty nation, evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, and the last two elections have been so close that they only prove we’re tied. But I don’t believe it. A powerful current is moving us … Continue reading

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humanistic versus technical philosophy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0My two good friends from as early as kindergarten, the brothers Marcus and Jason Stanley, are guest-blogging with Brian Leiter. Lately, they have considered the very question that I have been writing about lately as I try to finish … Continue reading

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notes on the mideast after Arafat

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I have a colleague who’s an excellent guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, almost uniquely qualified to explain it. I can’t reconstruct his crystal-clear summary of recent events, but I think I can accurately recollect a few key points: 1. … Continue reading

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how deep is cultural diversity?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0“Historicism” is the view that our values are phenomena of our cultural backgrounds and contexts; and contexts differ from time to time and place to place. Although even the ancient Greeks recognized some degree of moral diversity, true historicism … Continue reading

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