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discussing the commons

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I?m in the Cerritos Public Library, waiting for the second day of the Information Commons meeting. There are several other bloggers here who are ?covering? the discussions. Eli Edwards, who posts great comments on my blog and has a … Continue reading

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to California

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m on my way to Cerritos, CA (in eastern Los Angeles County), where the new public library has won awards as a model community center or “information commons.” This weekend, the American Library Association is holding a conference there. … Continue reading

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hopes for a Kerry administration

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I think the odds favor the Democrats on Tuesday, although it will be close and nobody really knows who has the edge. If John Kerry is elected president, my hopes will be modest–not because I lack respect for him … Continue reading

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Uzbek TV

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0A news crew from Uzbekistan interviewed the CIRCLE staff earlier today. They were nothing like Balat from the “Ali G. Show.” For one thing, they only spoke Russian and had to use an interpreter. For another, they asked extremely … Continue reading

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medical information online

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0LIBRES (Library and Information Science Electronic Journal) has just published an article of mine entitled “What Should be the Role of Government-Supported Medical Websites?” I begin by noting that low-budget medical websites with crackpot advice can sometimes score higher … Continue reading

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three paths to civic renewal

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Right now, my email inbox contains announcements of three important civic initiatives: AmericaSpeaks has put together a document that explains how one could organize a deliberation involving one million Americans. Using large face-to-face meetings, small informal gatherings, and online … Continue reading

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a powerful argument for civics

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Excellent education in history and civics is necessary to achieve the reading goals of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). That was a theme in today’s discussions of the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, which I chaired. The … Continue reading

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the Internet and youth civic engagement

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The Summit Collaborative’s Marc Osten and Katrin Verclas have written an important new paper entitled “The Power of the Internet to Engage a Generation.” The paper provides a bold vision for how to use digital networks to encourage civic … Continue reading

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bias at the Times

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last Friday, Daniel Okrent, the “public editor” of The New York Times, asked a conservative and a lefty to address charges of bias at his newspaper (link). From the left, Todd Gitlin argued that The Times is biased against … Continue reading

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social class and tolerance for gays

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I was wondering whether people who are more educated and wealthier are more tolerant of homosexuality. According to the General Social Survey, the answer is yes. I guess this result is intuitive, but I always like to check. Education … Continue reading

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