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art as intellectual property

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Emboldened by the fact that Tongues of Fire is downloaded from this site 25 times a week, I’m thinking of putting another, more ambitious work of fiction online. I’d like to illustrate it and otherwise add elements of “multimedia.” … Continue reading

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blogs by experts

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Matthew Yglesias bemoans the lack of blogs by specialists. Most bloggers who cover social issues and policy are generalists with opinions, not people with expertise (whether formal or informal) or new information to share. Of course, there are exceptions, … Continue reading

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skepticism about surveys

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I keep encountering new reasons to be skeptical about survey results. The moral is not to dismiss everything you read that’s based on polling, but to use surveys very carefully. 1. We looked at the percentage of young people … Continue reading

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deliberative democracy and tolerance

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last Friday, I heard a colleague present a good paper on tolerance and deliberation. I don’t want to summarize his position here, but I think that mine would be different. I see a tension between public deliberation and tolerance. … Continue reading

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the “democracy advantage”

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Just now, I heard my former student Joe Siegle give a sneak preview of a book that he has written with Morton Halperin and Michael Weinstein, The Democracy Advantage: How Democracies Promote Prosperity and Peace. The conventional wisdom among … Continue reading

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what’s going on at the office

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(From Greenville, SC): Periodically, I get the urge to download what I’m doing onto my blog. These posts usually lead people to email me with questions or concerns, which is why I allow myself to write them now and … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0My organization, CIRCLE, jointly released a poll with MTV yesterday. (That should raise my hipness quotient at least a bit.) It was a survey of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. Some of the highlights: Young people … Continue reading

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around, about, and go to

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0If you hang around social and political activists nowadays, you’ll hear them say things like, “That organization does work around brownfields regulation,” or “We had a great conversation around making our messaging work more impactful.” If you spend your … Continue reading

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the vision thing

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In the last New York Times poll, 57% of registered voters said that John Kerry has not “made it clear what he wants to accomplish in the next four years as president” (pdf, p. 26). I can’t say I … Continue reading

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varieties of relativism and particularism

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The big guns of the blogosphere are suddenly discussing moral relativism and particularism, topics about which I’m supposed to know something. It all started when Eugene Volokh came to liberals’ defense, arguing that we lefties are not the moral … Continue reading

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