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gone until July 12

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m going to Europe tomorrow, for two weeks, and I won’t have Internet access. That’s a choice rather than a technological necessity: I need a brief break. So no posts until July 12, but I hope you’ll come back … Continue reading

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what’s going on at the office

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We just signed a contract to repeat a national survey of young Americans that was last conducted in 2002. It’s a broad assessment of young people’s civic and political engagement, not narrowly focused on voting and political opinions. Repeating … Continue reading

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two definitions of “public intellectual”

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m interviewed in the latest issue of a journal called Higher Education Exchange. Actually, David Brown conducted simultaneous email interviews of me and of Bob Kingston, a senior associate of the Kettering Foundation, and edited our comments together (with … Continue reading

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get me Reilly

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Apparently a real politico named Reilly (I was told–but forgot–his first name) once explained that a successful Washington career has the following stages: 1. Who’s Reilly? 2. Get me Reilly! 3. Get me a Reilly. 4. Who’s Reilly? The … Continue reading

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social programs, as seen by the press and by blogs

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m still brooding about Sunday’s New York Times Magazine article on Harlem Children’s Zone (see my previous comment). HCZ is a nonprofit that provides a wide range of services to most of the kids in Central Harlem. City governments … Continue reading

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listen to Bill

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Bill Galston is my boss (and friend). Therefore, I got a big kick out of Kenneth Pollack’s article in The New Republic, entitled, “Mourning After: My Debate with Bill Galston.” It begins thus: Bill Galston is one helluva debater. … Continue reading

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Harlem Children’s Zone

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Yesterday’s New York Times Magazine has a fairly compelling cover story about the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) and its founder, Geoffrey Canada. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Magazine as an evaluator of social programs. Evaluation … Continue reading

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home rule for Baghdad

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0A reliable friend gave me a professionally printed document entitled “The Law of Home Rule of the City of Baghdad: Enacted by the Baghdad City Council on Behalf of the Citizens of the City of Baghdad” (Draft, June 2, … Continue reading

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chalk talk

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m not a big fan of elaborate facilitation techniques, but I’ve had two good recent experiences with a method called “chalk talk.” Here’s how it works. You write a few significant and relevant words on a large expanse of … Continue reading

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geographic information systems (GIS) in civic ed

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Yesterday was our last class at the high school for this academic year. We brought along some maps (based on data that the students had collected) that showed aspects of the community that may affect young residents’ health. In … Continue reading

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