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exploiting the war dead for “politics”?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Beth Gillin wrote Saturday’s lead story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about peace activists who commemorate slain American soldiers in public ceremonies. She also discussed Ted Koppel’s decision to read the names of the American dead on “Nightline,” and Gary … Continue reading

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“media literacy” means believing some things

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m back from a conference on the reliability of information on the Internet. The motivation for the meeting was a concern about false information and people’s excessive credulity. There was a lot of talk about the need to educate … Continue reading

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on the road

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m enjoying Chicago–which is exquisite on a cool, clear May day–but I’m so fully booked that I don’t expect to be able to post anything until Friday.

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a varied life

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am fortunate to enjoy a lot of variety in my professional life. Yesterday was a nice example. On my way to work, I thought about a seminar from the previous day when several senior colleagues had discussed a … Continue reading

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Stanley Fish vs. civic engagement

Facebook1 Twitter0Total1Last Friday, Stanley Fish wrote an essay in the New York Times attacking the “Civic Responsibility of Higher Education” and everything that document stands for. Fish is a brilliant Milton critic, controversialist, and builder of academic empires. It’s said … Continue reading

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intellectual roots of liberalism (continued)

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Yesterday, I responded to a comment by Jacob T. Levy. He has since posted more (including a response to me)–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a month now, influential bloggers have been discussing why liberals don’t … Continue reading

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liberalism’s great texts

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Although I don’t usually blog on weekends, I can’t resist responding to Jacob Levy’s comments about why liberals don’t seem to understand–or care about–the intellectual tradition of their own movement. I see modern liberalism as an eclectic mix of … Continue reading

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why you should read the newspaper

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We’re told that the President of the United States doesn’t read beyond the front page because he detects a hostile ideological bias in most reporting. He says: My antennae are finely attuned …. I can figure out what so-called … Continue reading

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the Nuremberg defense

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I have long supported the Nuremberg Doctrine: soldiers are individually responsible for war crimes, and following orders is no excuse. Nor is it an excuse to say that an action seemed acceptable and triggered no feelings of bad conscience. … Continue reading

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charter schools and democracy

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m enthusiastic about charter schools, but not for the standard reasons. A charter school is a public institution that operates independently, free from most of the usual bureaucratic tangles, with a direct “charter” from some higher authority such as … Continue reading

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